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RStudio programming logoStatistics, and especially R programming is hard to wrap your head around, isn’t it? We agree. At least a few years of daily practice is necessary to become an expert. Most likely you have an R or Statistics homework due next week and need some help?! It is great that you found our website where you can receive statistics homework help to solve R programming assignments (or raw "on-paper-proof-like" statistics) for students.

We guarantee:

  • We will solve your assignment on time
  • We analyze task description with extra scrutiny
  • R code is always well commented
  • Statistics proofs are well explained (unlike your professor's!)
  • We do tutoring – the solution is explained if you wish to learn more
  • Our R expert gets you a high grade (we offer a money-back guarantee)

Which Students Seek R Programming Assignment Help?

Somehow counter-intuitively, R statistics help have become the most popular service that we offer. Because of that, we have a clear picture of who our clients are. We can segregate students seeking R homework help into three categories, based on the subject that they study:

  • Statistics/Math students (~25%)
  • Medical/Biology students (~15%)
  • Social science students (~60%)

Let’s analyze these groups one-by-one:

Statistics/Math students are the ones that already have a background in programming and math. R programming should be easier for them, but many still seek help. Why is that? The main reason is poorly defined curriculum (including poor education quality in low-ranking universities) – the professors require to learn a lot and quickly while putting all the responsibility to learn on students. This is an unfeasible “the more you struggle, the better person you become” strategy. We compensate for the lack of effort your statistics professor makes. Advanced statistics proofs are what such students face daily - it is "not too hard" once you grasp it. But before that (during most of your studies...) you may need statistics homework help.

Medical/Biology students are required to know statistics for proper evaluation of diagnosis and development of treatment plans (of humans or ecology) - and statistics works best when applied to big datasets. And, of course, you need statistics software for that analysis, which most often is chosen as R. P-value evaluation, reinforced learning and other complex decision strategies are a lot to consider on top of getting used to RStudio. Interpretation of the data is not the same as writing the code to perform the statistical test. Everybody knows how tough medical student life already is. Learning to program (very rarely medical students have prior programming experience) sometimes is just too much.

Social science students (economics, political science, psychology, business, etc.) are the majority of our clients. Most of them have never considered learning advanced math and especially programming. This was a mistake that is hard to compensate for in a short amount of time. Hypotheses of social phenomena still originate brains-first, but hypothesis testing must be completed using RStudio. The more computer-literate students are, the more often R data analysis becomes the main tool for testing hypotheses. This is a major trend in social sciences – using population datasets for generating insights, theories, and plans for real action.

An example R assignment and solution of economics or political science student: plot of US monthly unemployment rate by the president:

R ggplot2 graph seasonality adjusted US unemployment rate by president

R Versus Statistics Homework Help - What's the Difference?

The difference is one of practicality. It is one of the old philosophical discussions of data versus theory, thinking versus acting, and so on. You can complete R homework without understanding what statistics logic is behind all that, the same way most of us use computers without knowing how they work. If you look at it from a different perspective - you cannot complete many calculations only mentally, no matter how good your theory is. This is why Excel wins against accounting on paper.

However, it does not matter if it is R or statistics help you seek - the homework help we provide is almost the same in both cases. You don't have trouble using pen and paper for statistics, but you may face trouble setting up your libraries (and the correct version) in RStudio. This is a ridiculous example, of course. By that, we want to emphasize that the difference is mostly in your mind on how you really understand what you are doing. The statistics degree covers it all, but as most are not statisticians - you were likely asked just to "analyze the dataset in R for your homework".

In conclusion - we send you solutions and explanations in both cases. This discussion brings us to the next question.

Why Do Students Have a Hard Time with Statistical Data Analysis?

If we look at the dimensions other than the study subject itself, every student has personal issues from time to time. It just happens that some medical or financial problems do not leave enough time for the hands-on study of statistics and programming.

Interestingly, exchange students are very popular among our clients. The accumulation of life problems, changes in the environment, and general study issues force them to seek assistance with R programming assignments.

In general, professors assume the high computer literacy level of students by default. Most often they don’t even think to tell the difference between R programming language and RStudio interactive developing environment. The confusion builds up and even simple console error understanding becomes an issue.

Problems with R / R Studio

More specifically, R syntax is unlike normal programming language. Many programmers get confused when switching to R (most often from Python or Matlab as they are used for similar data analysis purposes). Common R console errors are caused by:

  • Libraries not installed or out-of-date
  • The file one tries to read is not placed in a working directory
  • Confusion between R (.R), R Markdown (.Rmd) and R Notebook / HTML Notebook (also .Rmd, .nb.HTML)

We just cannot ignore this – too many students have issues with knitting the R Markdown solution. Overall, there are three ways you can write R code:

  • Regular R code
  • R Markdown cells
  • R Notebook (almost the same as Rmd, but different!)

What is R Markdown and How Does It Differ from R?

Using R Markdown you "knit" the solution - it means you execute R code and save the results into various selected formats. Why do we need R Markdown at all? It provides extra functionality like:

  • Automatically creating HTML files to open the solution in a web browser
  • Creating PDF. No need to copy your code and answer from the console to a Word document!
  • Creating a Word document at once
  • Knit to Latex directly (this might save a lot of time…)

What is R Notebook / HTML Notebook and How Does It Differ from R?

R Notebook is very similar to R Markdown. It allows users to create nice-looking reports directly in R without having to copy R code and results to Word or other programs. Both methods allow the user to create an HTML file that includes R code and output alongside the comments of the analysis. However, R Markdown "knits" the HTML, which means that the code is executed during the "knitting" process. R Notebook, on the other hand, simply previews the output that you have already obtained by running the code in your RStudio so there is a risk of compiling an HTML file that does not show the output of all the code or is missing some part of the code that you executed but forgot to include in the notebook.

The R homework help share among regular R, Rmd, and R Notebook is as this:

  • R assignment (50%)
  • Rmd assignment (45%)
  • R Notebook assignment (<5%)

All three homework cases are coded using RStudio! Hope this helps to reduce the confusion about this technical part of R.

Problems with Statistics Homework

Statistical concepts are usually expressed in lecture slides or books using mathematical formulas that are hard to decode; however, they are often intuitive if explained in plain language (since everybody acts on such hidden brain in-built statistics by making daily choices). An extra step from understanding math is implementing solutions in the programming code. R is somewhat helpful at times because it already has functions prepared for the most popular statistical analysis. However, you still need to understand what is being calculated to correctly interpret the results and properly check that your data meets all the assumptions. This is why most statistics assignments ask you to “explain the answer in layman's terms”, this way preparing you for real-life interactions between statisticians and business managers or customers.

When Paying for R Homework Solution Is Worth It?

The answer is context-dependent and complex: it all depends on the situation. People often advise paying attention to the long-term consequences of your actions. The cons of buying R homework solutions are that you spend less time struggling with the task, which means you remember the solution process less. On the other hand, you exchange this time for analyzing the solution itself (not the process).

There are little or no long-term benefits if, for various reasons, you cannot pass a class on your own. This is why statistics homework help is valuable. It solves the problem where it is now because the future is always uncertain.

The biggest advantage of buying R homework help is that you get rid of excessive stress. And as mentioned before, stress (in moderate amounts) facilitates your memorization and learning processes, but too much stress jeopardizes your chances. Where professors fail at personalized education – we assist you in filling in the gaps in R programming knowledge.

What R Libraries Can We Help with?

Our experts can help you work with any R libraries like:

  • tidyverse (general R library including some of the libraries below)
  • ggplot2
  • dplyr
  • tidyr
  • readr
  • tibble
  • stringr
  • plotly (interactive graphs)
  • stargazer (beautiful regression tables)
  • R Markdown
  • Shiny app (this might be extremely challenging for R newbies!)

You may need R homework help because it is not always possible to google the answer on your own. Most of the libraries mentioned above have well-written documentation, but custom cases are not covered there. You have few choices then: 1) dig into library code 2) persistent trial and error combined with searching in forums online 3) ask for help with RStudio from an expert (most often it is your course's technical advisor).

Which Statistics and Econometrics Books Can We Help with?

We provide R Programming assignment help for solving exercises from such difficult statistics and econometrics books as (in fact, this is also our recommendation list for top quality R resources):

  • Regression models from Jeffrey M. Wooldridge "Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach"
  • Time series analysis in "Forecasting: Principles and Practice" by Rob J. Hyndman and George Athanasopoulos
  • Introduction course book called "R for Data Science" by Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund
  • Regression analysis, hypothesis testing, Tidyverse: "Statistical Inference via Data Science" by Chester Ismay and Albert Y. Kim
  • Simon J. Sheather, "A Modern Approach to Regression with R"
  • Christopher R. Bilder, Thomas M. Loughin, "Analysis of Categorical Data with R"
  • Brian S. Everitt, Torsten Hothorn, "A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R"
  • Andy Field, Jeremy Miles, Zoe Field, "Discovering Statistics Using R"
  • Fred Ramsey, Daniel W. Schafer, "The Statistical Sleuth: A Course in Methods of Data Analysis"
  • Gareth James, Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, "An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R"
  • Paul M. Kellstedt, Guy D. Whitten, "The Fundamentals of Political Science Research"
  • R. Carter Hill, William E. Griffiths, Guay C. Lim, "Principles of Econometrics"
  • James H. Stock, Mark W. Watson, "Introduction to Econometrics"

Should You Consider Looking for Programs Other than R?

So you are uncertain if it is worth investing in learning R; why your professor thinks it is worth it? R programming language is widely used for statistical computing in universities and industries. It is free yet powerful, working both on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

  • Easy to create professional-looking graphs (specifically with ggplot2 library)
  • Lots and lots of built-in functions for statistical tests
  • Effective data storage and garbage collection
  • Supports both procedural and object-oriented programming
  • Has a coherent, large, and integrated collection of intermediate tools for data analysis
  • RStudio is a competitive GUI, not worse than alternatives

We also have experience in Python, Matlab, and SQL for data analysis. Overall, R is our top choice. In our opinion, it is worth investing your time getting around the initial R struggles and once it is done - you will never look back. There are reasons R is in the top 10 most popular programming languages while being built for statisticians and data analysts.

Most Popular Statistics Assignments with R

  1. Linear regression
    • Interpretation of coefficients
    • Tests of linear regression (not logistic) assumptions:
      • The linearity of the relationship between the dependent and independent variables
      • Normality of residuals
      • Homoscedasticity of residuals
      • No multicollinearity
      • No outliers and influential observations
  2. Hypothesis testing
    • T-test (equality of means for two groups)
    • ANOVA (equality of means for three or more groups) and posthoc tests
    • Chi-squared test for categorical data
  3. Logistic regression
    • Coefficient interpretation
    • Calculating odds ratios
    • Estimating probabilities
  4. Confidence intervals for various statistics
    • means, proportions, variance, other statistics
  5. Time series
    • Autoregressive and moving average models
    • Various smoothing methods
    • Tests for stationarity
    • Detecting and removing trend and/or seasonality
  6. Censored Data (Survival) analysis
    • Kaplan-Meier curves
    • Estimating survival probabilities
  7. Data Science using standard models
    • KNN
    • K-Means
    • Decision Trees
    • Random Forest
    • Bayesian Classifiers
    • Mixture Models
  8. Simulation Studies and Monte Carlo Methods
    • Bootstrapping
    • Probability estimates by sampling
    • Gambling games analysis
  9. Other assignments – Not Only Statistics!
    • Card game simulations
    • Regular computer science practice: loops, conditionals, etc.
    • String manipulations, parsing, etc.
    • Operation research, linear programming
    • Other

A standard visualization taken from the R assignment solution looks like this:

R assignment solution survival plot

Economics and Econometrics Assignments

Both economics and econometrics (application of the statistical methodology to economic data) theory add extra constraints on the way modeling is done. These constraints restrict your model to represent reality and economic theory better (it works the same way as conservation laws in physics!). Once such a model is completed, it can explain or predict out-of-sample data with extra precision. This is why we use theory at all.

However, beware that misusing economics or econometrics theory results in poorer performance of your model! This is why deep understanding is necessary. The data in economics and econometrics is primarily time series. It is not a simple regression-like procedure, because there are extra assumptions to be followed (if you are curious, check out the Wikipedia article on econometrics methods).

Our goal is to provide you with econometrics assignment solutions when lecture slides or books (check out the list of econometrics textbooks mentioned above) fail to guide you through the project requirements. Just keep in mind that it takes time even for professionals - please order an econometrics assignment solution in advance.

If You Still Feel Uncertain – Consult an R Statistics Expert For Free

It is free to get your task analyzed. And we keep the pricing for the solution reasonable. We are aware that students are still in a position of caring much about the price.

By receiving our R homework help, you accelerate the studying process and get solutions from R experts. You learn from the best in the field to become a professional yourself. After graduation, lots of companies want to hire young statisticians and you get paid well. This is the aim of our services - to help students get the most out of their studies.

The solution to your R programming assignment (usually statistics-related) will be provided by making effective use of both the R language and the RStudio environment. This will be possible on account of the ability of the professionals to deal with it easily since they have hands-on experience with R. Since R language also allows the user to define new functions, R expert structures the solution optimally, choosing between inbuilt libraries and writing required custom functions. This makes the use of the language easier and the professionals provide the requisites to the students by making proper use of this feature.

Overall, our team is ready 24/7 to assist with any advanced statistics assignment, no matter if using R programming is required or if it has to be solved on paper. Submit a new order and just relax!

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Yes. No hidden fees. You pay for the solution only, and all the explanations about how to run it are included in the price. It takes up to 24 hours to get a quote from an expert. In some cases, we can help you faster if an expert is available, but you should always order in advance to avoid the risks. You can place a new order here.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on many factors: how far away the deadline is, how hard/big the task is, if it is code only or a report, etc. We try to give rough estimates here, but it is just for orientation (in USD):

Regular homework$20 - $150
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Mid-term or final project$200 - $800
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Do you do essays?

No, unless it is a data analysis essay or report. This is because essays are very personal and it is easy to see when they are written by another person. This is not the case with math and programming.

Why there are no discounts?

It is because we don't want to lie - in such services no discount can be set in advance because we set the price knowing that there is a discount. For example, if we wanted to ask for $100, we could tell that the price is $200 and because you are special, we can do a 50% discount. It is the way all scam websites operate. We set honest prices instead, so there is no need for fake discounts.

Do you do live tutoring?

No, it is simply not how we operate. How often do you meet a great programmer who is also a great speaker? Rarely. It is why we encourage our experts to write down explanations instead of having a live call. It is often enough to get you started - analyzing and running the solutions is a big part of learning.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the solution?

Another expert will review the task, and if your claim is reasonable - we refund the payment and often block the freelancer from our platform. Because we are so harsh with our experts - the ones working with us are very trustworthy to deliver high-quality assignment solutions on time.

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