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Physics homework might be really difficult task to grasp. Be sure our experienced professionals will do it for you in no time.

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Yes, Statistics is also on the list. As well as Calculus, Algebra, and all the heavy Computer Science stuff. We do both: programming and proofs by hand.

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Stuck with some programming assignment? Send it to us and our experts will be more than happy to help you out.

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You don’t need to worry about economics anymore. Degree-holding economists will gladly share their knowledge with you.

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  • Experts are solely from western universities: USA, EU, and Canada.
  • Primarily MSc and PhD degree holders. Some BSc expert programmers.
  • Services are available worldwide from South Korea to Canada - all experts communicate well in English.

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Yes. No hidden fees. You pay for the solution only, and all the explanations about how to run it are included in the price. It takes up to 24 hours to get a quote from an expert. In some cases, we can help you faster if an expert is available, but you should always order in advance to avoid the risks.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on many factors: how far away the deadline is, how hard/big the task is, if it is code only or a report, etc. We try to give rough estimates here, but it is just for orientation (in USD):

Regular homework$20 - $150
Advanced homework$100 - $300
Group project or a report$200 - $500
Mid-term or final project$200 - $800
Live exam help$100 - $300
Full thesis$1000 - $3000

How do I pay?

Credit card or PayPal. You don't need to create/have a Payal account in order to pay by a credit card. Paypal offers you "buyer's protection" in case of any issues.

Why do I need to pay in advance?

We have no way to request money after we send you the solution. PayPal works as a middleman, which protects you in case of any disputes, so you should feel safe paying using PayPal.

Do you do essays?

No, unless it is a data analysis essay or report. This is because essays are very personal and it is easy to see when they are written by another person. This is not the case with math and programming.

Why there are no discounts?

It is because we don't want to lie - in such services no discount can be set in advance because we set the price knowing that there is a discount. For example, if we wanted to ask for $100, we could tell that the price is $200 and because you are special, we can do a 50% discount. It is the way all scam websites operate. We set honest prices instead, so there is no need for fake discounts.

Do you do live tutoring?

No, it is simply not how we operate. How often do you meet a great programmer who is also a great speaker? Rarely. It is why we encourage our experts to write down explanations instead of having a live call. It is often enough to get you started - analyzing and running the solutions is a big part of learning.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the solution?

Another expert will review the task, and if your claim is reasonable - we refund the payment and often block the freelancer from our platform. Because we are so harsh with our experts - the ones working with us are very trustworthy to deliver high-quality assignment solutions on time.

Any Programming Assignment Help

We are cooperating with carefully chosen experts in the most popular languages of programming: R, Python, SQL(Mysql, Access), JAVA, C++, and Matlab. Nowadays, the most common university assignments are data analysis using numerical methods, computer science basics like various search methods, string manipulations, sample clustering, and relations mining. Various charting methods are often required for easy information transfer from computers to users. Our programming assignment help includes all of the above.


How Homework Helps [Or Not] You Learn?

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The topic is highly debated among parents, teachers, and education scholars. There are two cases when homework assignments help you convert new information into knowledge:

  • Case 1: repeat novel uncertain information. This is a way how our brain learns patterns - by spaced repetition.
  • Case 2: explore the topic on your own, more deeply than introduced in class.

Both cases have shortcomings and personalized approaches must be used to compensate for:

  • Case 1: it is not possible to repeat the information if you never received the proper introduction to it (e.g. when you skip a class).
  • Case 2: you must be prepared to explore the topic on your own. The task must be well structured to reduce ambiguity. Lecturers often do the mistake of thinking that a student must find a way on their own. Whole math and programming books are written with middle steps of explanations skipped. This is very bad, though unfortunately common practice.

Research studies (e.g. "Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement?" by Harris Cooper) reveal that no strong evidence was found for an association between homework and study achievement. It sounds counterintuitive, so we must look for other explanatory variables to get a clear view of why putting your time into homework sometimes is not worth it.

Other Problems That Keep You from Acquiring Knowledge

Analysis of problems related to homework (like in the research article "Why Do Students Have Difficulties Completing Homework?" by Xu, Jianzhong) points to influences such as:

  • Environmental noise: no way for students to find a calm spot for studying.
  • Lack of resources: this is especially important for programming assignments as computer and internet connection are necessary.
  • Lack of model example: no adult or important figure pays attention to studies overall.
  • More attractive competing activities.
  • Medical, nutritional and other issues.

We are dedicated to improving the outcomes of the educational system. Our homework help service compensates for some inefficiencies in the study process, so we are doing our best to accelerate your learning.

Most often students seek programming homework help (as compared to math, engineering, and economics). This is because programming is not the subject that you acquire the understanding of naturally, in real life. Such "extreme novelty" of thinking patterns is hard to acquire within ambiguous and not well-structured learning environments. We seek to make students suffer less by reducing the unnecessary stress so that you begin to see studying as a joyful experience.

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