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Yes, it sounds unbelievable - it is the only nootropics brand in the world that has officially invested in independent research to prove the mental benefits of its product. I found this after googling for "scientifically proven nootropic brand" (as I often look for info on Google Scholar instead of regular results). ONLY ONE POSITIVE RESULT. So I had to try the MindLabPRO myself, of course. Plus, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't feel the result, so why not?

“MindLabPRO is the only brain supplement scientifically proven to work (by two studies in Leeds University, UK) [1][2]”

My Motivation

It was never the case that I significantly "fell behind", but let's say there were some bad days. Not always is it possible to exercise regularly, have great sleep, a healthy diet, social life, ... whatever helps to feel fresh. Coffee? Yeah, of course! But it is a one-time shot (that I abusively overdose). So, I started looking into what other natural-origin products may help me be mentally fit. I've tried numerous supplements before - this one is different. I mean it - and the scientific studies mean it.

My Results

I had to wait a bit for the results. It was unlike coffee. In fact, I felt nothing at first. However, after a week or so I felt like I go for a coffee to keep being sharp instead of the need to become sharp. That was when I realized that something has changed.

It is hard to describe the result in words but I feel more confident. This may be an exaggeration, of course. I wanted to share MindLabPRO here because it is just one more worthy personal low-effort improvement. You may also want to google the positive impact of fish oil (DHA and EPA - don't have to be fish-based), vitamin D, and magnesium. These are the supplements I use daily and the benefits of which are backed by science.

Article by Emily Thompson,
PhD Statistics

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