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Python homework help logoSo you are stuck with a Python homework assignment, the deadline is approaching and there are loads of other stuff to take care of? We all have been through that mess in university. This is why we started a Python homework help service – this website is a realization of offline help for students when the education system ignores the problems that come with studying a totally new subject. Our team of programmers can solve and explain Python assignments for you. Normally, this should be a responsibility of a technical advisor. But self-learning paradigm has become very popular and students are expected to struggle in doing their homework. In our opinion, this is totally wrong. And top universities confirm that – you don’t need to Google for extra information when doing well-prepared assignments, everything you need is already stated in the task description.

Which Students Seek Help With Python Homework?

Since Python is one of the top 3 most popular programming languages, it is taught in a very wide variety of study programs. Every computer science student learns Python, but also many social science students are required to learn data analysis (or alternatively they learn R, which is also a major cause of issues). And as you may suspect, social science students have never expected to become programmers. This conflict between anticipation and forced reality leaves many students just wondering if it all will pass with a happy ending.

As mentioned above, top-ranked universities reduce ambiguities caused by uncertain task requirements, while the majority of Python courses do not anticipate the troubles you will face. This inequality of quality in programming curriculum preparation results in problems among beginner programming students. While the best programming study programs have tasks prepared by more than one technician, lower-ranking universities don’t have the resources for such quality guarantees.

When Is It Worth Paying for Help with Python?

If you are stuck after trying hard, that means you are doing something wrong. And it is not the time to search for who to blame for it, when the deadline is in a few days. We have limited time and the opportunity costs of buying Python homework help might be better than having no solution at all. With our support, you get assignment answers written in perfect syntax, which means you can learn from examples. It is a very promising study method. Even good programmers often check out stackoverflow.com when they are not sure which solution to implement. The difference between you and the expert is that they can judge the suggested solution with confidence, while you are happy if it works at all.

Why Do Students Struggle While Learning Programming?

Learning to program is unlike learning another language. When learning a regular language, you mostly learn new words and some differences in syntax, while semantics remains the same. When learning to program for the first time, you need to learn a whole different way of representing the world. It is comparable to mathematics literacy. Once you master functional and objective programming, the impact on your overall thinking will last for your whole life and generalize beyond programming.

Python is very flexible in comparison to more specific programming languages (like the C family). It supports structured, functional, and object-oriented paradigms – and there is no easy way to internalize these data representation structures and ways of data manipulation. Learning by doing is the only way. But it must be smooth – if you are unlucky and get stuck too much, too often, then this whole programming affair might never get to you. The popular analogy is failed math curriculum in high school, where students just turn their back on the subject.

By the way, in comparison, Python is easy… It does many things automatically, like garbage collectors to manage memory and dynamic typing which checks for type consistency at the runtime. We have mentioned just a few features to keep you away from more detailed programming languages before you learn Python (for more information check out Wikipedia).

How Do We Help, Exactly?

Python is both a functional and objective, open-source programming platform. It gets so much popularity because it is the main alternative to expensive corporate-developed mathematical calculation programs. It has the biggest growth percentage among all programming languages in usage in universities.

We can complete your whole Python coursework project or solve and explain regular homework - this is possible with top Python assignment help. Separate Python modules are developed having specific kinds of problems in mind. Every module has its own functions that you must memorize (or learn to search rapidly in the online documentation). It is a time-intensive process, analogous to looking up a multiplication table every time you need to multiply single-digit numbers. The knowledge comes with repetitive learning, but we can help to develop the solution in an accelerated way.

We help to configure PyCharm, Eclipse, Anaconda, or similar Python IDE to get you started. Solutions can be delivered both in regular Python script (.py) and Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb). The available interpreters work on all popular operating systems. Since Python is an alternative to R and Matlab, you may find yourself in need of translation between these languages – it is not a problem for us.

What Python Libraries Can We Help with?

It is a list (not exclusive) of the most popular libraries we find ourselves importing regularly:

  • Numpy, pandas, scipy (data analysis)
  • Turtle (Turtle graphics)
  • Tkinker (GUI building)
  • Tensorflow (Deep learning, Neural Networks, etc.)
  • Scikit-learn, sklearn (Data science, statistics, model building, machine learning)
  • matplotlib (visualizations)
  • Sqlite3 (database applications)
  • Bottle, Flask, request, BeautifulSoup (web applications, web scraping)
  • PyQt4, PyQt5 (Graphics)
  • networkx (graph analysis and topology analysis)
  • nltk (natural language processing toolkit)
  • and more... (in fact, we are not aware of the library we could not help you work with!)

Writing a separate class file is somehow similar to writing a new library. There is nothing magical inside. The libraries are not compiled and are written in Python so you can always take a look at what’s inside. Usually, you will find a need for that when some not well-defined error pops up in your solution. It is well-advised to check out the code of these popular libraries because they are well written and can work as an example of how to become a great programmer.

Which Textbooks’ Assignments Can We Solve?

Since we are in the business of helping students for more than 10 years, we are aware of what computer science textbooks are the most popular and where students tend to get stuck. Python programming is related to 2 out of the top 3 most popular Computer Science textbooks:

  • "Introduction to Algorithms" by Thomas H. Cormen
  • "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach" by Peter Norvig and Stuart J. Russell

Also, our Python experts have solved most of:

  • "Numerical Methods with Applications" by Autar K. Kaw

These Python curriculum choices are university-dependent, but it is really not an issue to solve any custom task. Since we never plagiarize solutions, we are ready to help with any Python assignment.

Example Python Assignments

Many assignments have no “visual solutions", most often being string/file parsing and manipulation (.dat, .txt, .csv, JSON, etc.). Other introductory level tasks are mainly concerned with basic Python capabilities: conditionals, loops, functions, classes, dictionaries, etc. Data structures and algorithms are the core part of computer science. You may also need to know some math, as physics modeling on Python is becoming more and more popular (it is still mostly done in Matlab, however).

Other tasks include various geometry drawings using Turtle, GUI projects using Tkinker, PyQT5 data entry, and connection to SQL relational databases, web scraping, etc. There is no way to list all the possibilities your professor might come up with to surprise you! Among more specific projects are Singular Value Decomposition, Naïve Bayes classifier, Constraint satisfaction problems like Sudoku solver, K-means, KNN, Markov Chains, Bubble Sort, Merge Sort, etc.

Here are some assignment solutions (there are way too many to display here) that we have done having attractive visualizations:

  • N-Puzzle using Tkinker. Two search methods used: A* (Manhattan distance heuristic) and IDDFS (iterative deepening depth-first search).
    Python N-tiles Tkinker Astar A* Search
  • Neural Network controlled "racing car" (various weight optimization methods: reinforced learning, genetic algorithms, particle swarm, simulated annealing).
    Neural network car visualization
  • Ant colony optimization algorithm (machine learning) based optimal path search on a hexagonal grid.
    Ant Colony Optimization visualization
  • PCA Eigenfaces (The Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) face recognition dataset).

Bigger projects usually have requirements for a report written together with the actual computer program code. It involves problem introduction, theoretical part and analysis of the algorithm/experiments.

Are There Any Good Python Alternatives?

Let’s have the comparison with specific purposes in mind. The most similar programming languages that you can do the same tasks as using Python are:

  • R (free, GUI called RStudio)
  • SQL (exists free and commercial solutions)
  • Matlab (commercial and rather expensive!)

Other programming languages have much less overlap. Of course, all the modern programming languages are Turing complete (which means equivalent to implement any program), but it is just unfeasible using a tool that was created for a distinct problem. So how Python compares to R and Matlab and should you learn the other two?

  • Statistics and Data Science: this is a highly debated topic. R was built exactly for this goal and is specialized for in-depth statistical analysis. Matlab also has a statistical toolbox but is not very popular. Python has a SkLearn library, which is ok, but far from excellent as compared to R.
  • Deep Learning: Python is your best choice, hands down. Both R and Matlab have neural network-based solutions, but they are not nearly as sophisticated as Theano and TensorFlow. It is because deep learning got extremely popular recently and while Google invested in the development of Tensorflow, various universities prefer Theano. Currently, we can help you with Tensorflow only.
  • GUI applications: Python is our choice. It is much more simple to deploy a Python GUI-based solution. R has ShinyApp, but it is very bulky and hard to implement. In order to use Matlab’s GUI without having Matlab, you need to download extra big files which is inconvenient in many circumstances.
  • Web scraping: Python. The other two are capable of that, but really not built for this purpose.
  • String/Data manipulations: any of the programming languages is good for that. It is just that some have simpler syntax than others, which affects code readability and ease of implementation.

I Seem To Be Stuck – Help Me with Python Homework

We made it easy to remove such roadblocks from your study process. HomeworkHelpOnline.net is a website where you submit a new order to receive a solution: just specify the details and wait for a notification in your email about the ongoing process. The expert analyzes your assignment, estimates the time it takes to complete it, and sets the price accordingly. The price for the solution depends on:

  • Urgency
  • Difficulty
  • How "specialized" the task is

Please, if possible, always order in advance! It takes time for us to adjust the schedules. The sooner you order the better chances are that we will help.

We never plagiarize the solutions you may find on the internet. Our policy is always original work, done from the first principles. Assignment analysis and planning are a big part of any solution – in case you need the explanations we are always ready to do our best in commenting on the code. However, for some things, you must be “prepared" to accept the knowledge. Sometimes you just need to trust the expert, and we really appreciate the trust we have received during these years. We are operating since 2009 with extremely positive reviews as thousands of students received better marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to get my assignment evaluated?

Yes. No hidden fees. You pay for the solution only, and all the explanations about how to run it are included in the price. It takes up to 24 hours to get a quote from an expert. In some cases, we can help you faster if an expert is available, but you should always order in advance to avoid the risks. You can place a new order here.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on many factors: how far away the deadline is, how hard/big the task is, if it is code only or a report, etc. We try to give rough estimates here, but it is just for orientation (in USD):

Regular homework$20 - $150
Advanced homework$100 - $300
Group project or a report$200 - $500
Mid-term or final project$200 - $800
Live exam help$100 - $300
Full thesis$1000 - $3000

How do I pay?

Credit card or PayPal. You don't need to create/have a Payal account in order to pay by a credit card. Paypal offers you "buyer's protection" in case of any issues.

Why do I need to pay in advance?

We have no way to request money after we send you the solution. PayPal works as a middleman, which protects you in case of any disputes, so you should feel safe paying using PayPal.

Do you do essays?

No, unless it is a data analysis essay or report. This is because essays are very personal and it is easy to see when they are written by another person. This is not the case with math and programming.

Why there are no discounts?

It is because we don't want to lie - in such services no discount can be set in advance because we set the price knowing that there is a discount. For example, if we wanted to ask for $100, we could tell that the price is $200 and because you are special, we can do a 50% discount. It is the way all scam websites operate. We set honest prices instead, so there is no need for fake discounts.

Do you do live tutoring?

No, it is simply not how we operate. How often do you meet a great programmer who is also a great speaker? Rarely. It is why we encourage our experts to write down explanations instead of having a live call. It is often enough to get you started - analyzing and running the solutions is a big part of learning.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the solution?

Another expert will review the task, and if your claim is reasonable - we refund the payment and often block the freelancer from our platform. Because we are so harsh with our experts - the ones working with us are very trustworthy to deliver high-quality assignment solutions on time.

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