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engineering assignment helpSo, you got yourself into engineering studies, congratulations! We bet that you didn't expect it to be more rigorous than science, while at the same time bringing you a real-life legal responsibility for your actions. But this comes after your studies, relax for now. 

Engineering take-home assignments are just a practice of what awaits you in the future. However, some professors see the pain-invoking study practices as a must for achieving progress - we don't think so! The day you want to quit is the day your professor failed. Luckily, we can help you with engineering homework to overcome the stress overload (get the mechanical engineering reference?) days. Our team of engineers is ready to assist university students with help in:

  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Other Branches of Engineering

Let's have a closer look at each of these Engineering disciplines.

Software Engineering

Let's be honest, it is not the easiest field to study. If you think that studying mathematics at the university is tough, you will be surprised that it is only the beginning. Software engineering is all about mathematics, code, algorithms, and theory. The theory is not so bad, but the practice is really hard. One of the most important concepts in software engineering is the software development process, which is based on the simple idea that a software application is created in several steps.

Engineering Phases from the Software Engineering Perspective

In general, engineering is the application of mathematics, science, and technology to solve problems. It is a process that includes the development, design, and construction of machines, systems, and structures. The phases of any engineering process are the same, even though some of them are often skipped because of cost constraints, time pressures, or incompetence (caused by too loose preparation of engineers in universities).

Requirements Gathering/Analysis Phase

Everybody is talking only about programming languages but the requirements phase is the first and most important phase of the software development process. In this phase, the software requirements are gathered and analyzed (way too often your professor presents you only with partial requirements of the assignment while expecting you to guess his hidden expectations). 

The requirements phase is divided into two parts: the requirements gathering phase and the requirements analysis phase. In the requirements gathering phase, the software requirements are gathered from the customer or the client. A student may be presented with a fictional problem, but the solution is expected to look very much realistic! In the requirements analysis phase, the software requirements are analyzed to see if they are complete, consistent, and clear. This is hard to achieve for a newbie student. It is why our software engineers can guide you through this stage of your project. It is normal to go forth and back between analyzing the requirements and implementing the solution - many students start panicking too early.

Design and Implementation Phase

The design phase is the second phase of the software development process. The design phase is divided into two parts: the design phase and the implementation phase. 

In the design phase, the software requirements are designed. In the implementation phase, the software requirements are implemented. In reality (e.g. working in a company), a software engineer is a separate role from a programmer. However, in university, you are trained to be a one-man army covering all of the phases and the associated roles. It is not a realistic scenario unless you are going to create a startup on your own. This phase is where most of the software engineering assignment help orders come from.

Testing Phase

The testing phase is the third phase of the software development process. In this phase, the software requirements are tested. The testing phase is divided into two parts: the test planning phase and the test execution phase. In the test planning phase, the test cases are designed. In the test execution phase, the test cases are executed. A preferred process is to write the tests in advance, before writing the code. However, students are on their first steps in the programming world, and testing may be just a step too much. It is a crucial role but is often postponed towards the maintenance phase. It happens when there is time pressure or programmers are just overconfident. Unit tests are the most popular implementation of testing. We offer unit test homework help in any programming language: Matlab, Python, C, Java, and others.

Maintenance Phase

The maintenance phase is the fourth and final phase of the software development process. The maintenance phase is divided into two parts: the bug-fixing phase and the enhancement phase. In the bug-fixing phase, the software bugs are fixed (the ones that slipped through the unit tests). In the enhancement phase, software enhancements are made. This phase is often left out in software engineering studies. In our opinion - it is a mistake. System debugging is an art that has to be taught explicitly - otherwise, it develops painfully with experience. The software engineering experts on our team can help you if you got stuck with your code.

Most Popular Software Engineering Assignments

  • ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) design from a business case
  • Programming/Coding in Matlab, Python, Java, C#, and others
  • Test case writing (often using unit tests)

As you may have noticed - the most popular software engineering assignments are heavily biased toward actual implementation instead of the analysis, management, and maintenance of the project. Unfortunately, the popular misconception that "coding is where the work gets done" leads to many problems in future careers.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that applies the principles of physics and material science to the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

The life cycle phases of the mechanical engineering project are almost the same as those of software engineering or electrical engineering. What is hard in mechanical engineering is the precise application of physics (as compared to the usage of data structures and algorithms in software engineering). You may rarely see numbers while studying physics, but it is definitely not the case with mechanical engineering students! Referring to all kinds of data tables and charts is a routine practice for mechanical engineers, and they are introduced to it early on in their studies! You may find yourself overwhelmed with all this data. This is where our mechanical engineering experts may be useful - your mechanical engineering homework assignments will become much more organized with our clear explanations.

The most popular mechanical engineering assignments are:

  • Bridge Suspension
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Materials Science
  • Solid Mechanics

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It also includes the study of electronics, telecommunications, and control systems. 

Signal processing is crucial in electrical engineering (the assignments most often required to be completed in Matlab, as discrete mathematics implementation in Python, or on paper). Signal processing is where electrical engineering overlaps with numerical analysis and software engineering. 

Radio, radar, and communication channel calculations (including information, entropy, noise, channel bandwidth, etc.) are well-developed and popular branches of electrical engineering.

Moreover, electrical engineering involves working with both software and hardware (often microprocessor programming in C)! Which extends the development time, and annoys many programmers who are used to quick iteration based development. 

Our team has experts to help you with electrical engineering homework, assignments, or projects! Ideally, the professor in university would do this job; sadly, it often happens that professors are not "too involved" in the problems of electrical engineering students.

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