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Base R Plot Series (Part = 1): Line Graph

We begin our plot series with a plot of Apple (AAPL) weekly stock prices for 2015 using simple Base R, no ggplot, no ggplot2.

Base R Plot Series (Part = 2): Boxplot

Generate a nice boxplot using Base R and a standard Iris dataset.

Excel Pivot Tables: Text Instead of Counts - VBA Method

Sometimes there is a need for using Pivot table to display data as a categorical table. This is a bit complicated, but working way to do it.

Kernel Density Estimation: Predict KDE & Generate Data

For a given data set X, predict its density function. Using the found density function generate new random data set Y and check the hypothesis that X and Y distributions are identical.

Sort Given List of Fruits in Ascending Order Using Only Excel Tokens

This Excel task is really addicting and you definitely cannot go to sleep without finishing it - because you are an Excel Pro, right? :)

Tutorial: Finding Rectangles with NO OpenCV

For any given image write a program to find all rectangular objects which are darker than the background. Draw the located rectangles on the output image.

Tutorial: Kernel Density Estimation Explained

Quick bottom-up explanation of kernel density estimation with simple Python code. Get idea of what it's made of in a short 5 min read.