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Logistic Regression in R: Exercises and Solutions

Logistic Regression in R: Exercises and Solutions

ANOVA, Linear and Logistic Regression, Chi-Square Test

Six problems exploring ANOVA, Linear and Logistic Regression, Chi-Square Test. And corresponding solutions in R Studio by our experts.

Factor Analysis, Clustering, Hypothesis Testing in R Studio

Factor Analysis, Clustering, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Regression: Exercises and Solutions in R.

Random Numbers and Game of Life in R Studio

The following exercises and solutions are from the book “Introduction to scientific programming and simulation using R” by O. Jones, R. Maillardet and A. Robinson (2009).

R Beginner Exercises And Solutions

Some introductory examples of reading csv, dealing with missing values, plotting histograms and a box plot.

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Excel Puzzle - Use Array Formula for Alphabetic Sort

This Excel task is really addicting and you definitely cannot go to sleep without finishing it - because you are an Excel Pro, right? :)

Kernel Density Estimation: Predict KDE & Generate Data

For a given data set X, predict its density function. Using the found density function generate new random data set Y and check the hypothesis that X and Y distributions are identical.

Tutorial: Kernel Density Estimation Explained

Quick bottom-up explanation of kernel density estimation with simple Python code. Get idea of what it's made of in a short 5 min read.

Excel Pivot Tables: Text Instead of Counts - VBA Method

Sometimes there is a need for using Pivot table to display data as a categorical table. This is a bit complicated, but working way to do it.

Base R Plot Series (Part = 1): Line Graph

We begin our plot series with a plot of Apple (AAPL) weekly stock prices for 2015 using simple Base R, no ggplot, no ggplot2.

Base R Plot Series (Part = 2): Boxplot

Generate a nice boxplot using Base R and a standard Iris dataset.