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Top Unisex Baby Names of Last Century: R Studio Visualization

In this post, we combine data-wrangling and visualization skills to create a professional-looking data visualization using the ggplot2 package in R. Most popular unisex baby names are presented nicely in an R graph.

ANCOVA and Linear Models: Solution with Interpretation

Use ANCOVA and Linear models to solve example assignment.

Model Prices Using Classificaton Trees and Regression in R

Use R Studio to create decision trees with pruning for building model to predict used car prices.

ANOVA, Linear and Logistic Regression, Chi-Square Test

Six problems exploring ANOVA, Linear and Logistic Regression, Chi-Square Test. And corresponding solutions in R Studio by our experts.

Dataset "311 Service Requests" Analysis Using tidyverse R Library

It is a popular dataset used to analyze service requests of various cities (Pitsburg, New York, etc.). This time we analyze Roslindale city in R.

Compare R Studio ggplot2 Graphs: qplot() vs ggplot()

R Studio ggplot2 library contains functions qplot() and ggplot(). What is the result of these functions? Example solution explains the differences.

Discrete Logistic Model: Maps, Bifurcations, Oscillations, Convergence

Use R studio to analyze a logistic model - bottom up loop development and analysis.

Beginner Friendly Introduction to Statistics in R Programming

Example of beginner level university level assignment of R Studio statistics with solution.

Linear Regression in Matrix Form - R Studio

The following exercises aim to compare simple linear regression results computed in matrix form with the built in R function lm().

Linear Regression Analysis of College Tuition in R

The following exercises aim to use linear regression tools in R to investigate whether a linear relationship exists between tuition and other variables.

Multiple Linear Regression Exercises and Solutions

Solutions to Multiple Linear Regression Exercises in R Studio