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Assignment Description

CS 4620/5620 Kresman Homework 6                                 


Learning Outcomes: Build an application based on N-tier architecture


Similar to Homework 4, but the emphasis is on N-tier application framework. Unlike that homework, this application lets the user issue the query at run time. See (Resource and Notes) below on tables and query info.

Architect the application with three tiers: Client/user interface; business logic/server-side; and database.


User Interface (web) layout (‘Box’ values are input @ run time):


Your Name           Box                        User name    Box                 Password   Box   


Query 1 to run?    Box


Query 2 to run?    Box


Submit button


Response (web):


Authentication Success:     YourName userName  OR

Authentication Failure:      YourName username


UsersQuery 1


UsersQuery 2


Output (of Query 1)


Output (of Query 2)


Exact copy of your form creation program


Exact copy of your form processing program


Print response web page to a pdf file and turn in the pdf file on Canvas



·         Use our class Voyager a/c,  php (or any other language), and (Voyager) MySQL

·         Run the following two queries

o    Print author name, address, book title, publisher date (NO time), publisher name

for titles between ‘R1’ and ‘T2’ (both inclusive) OR published within the last 60 days

o    Print author name, age, address, title, publisher date, publisher address for all authors who have books

in 2015. (If an author has no book in 2014 the title and pub columns are NULL)

·         (CS 5620) Output has metadata prior to the table output. Don’t hardcode or extract from form data



·         Programs on Voyager: /home/classes/cs4620/lib/

·         Homework6Data.sql (in above dir): has create/insert ready to go, for you to do interactive MySQL load.

·         Googling


Grading Rubric

·         Form not displayed: 25 points off

·         Incorrect authentication success/failure/display of the two user queries: 20 points off

·         Incorrect query output (6 points off each); Exact copy of the programs not in the output (8 points off)

Assignment Code

# auth book publ tables - similar to the class example
# SORRY for the cryptic attribute names and values!

# create three TABLES;
create table auth (AN char(2), AD char(2), AA int (2));
create table book 
  (BT char(2), BA char(2), BP char(2), publDate datetime not null);
create table publ (PN char(2), PD  char(2));

# load the data in
insert into auth values ('A0', 'D0', 45);
insert into auth values ('A1', 'D1', 32);
insert into auth values ('A2', 'D2', 33);
insert into auth values ('A3', 'D3', 34);
insert into auth values ('A4', 'D4', 35);
insert into auth values ('A5', 'D5', 33);
insert into book values ('T1', 'A1', 'P4', 
  STR_TO_DATE('04/12/2015 04:03:35 AM', '%m/%d/%Y %r'));

insert into book values ('T2', 'A1', 'P2',
  STR_TO_DATE('08/11/2015 04:03:35 PM', '%d/%m/%Y %r'));
insert into book values ('T3', 'A2', 'P2',
  STR_TO_DATE('02/29/2016 04:03:35 PM', '%m/%d/%Y %r'));
insert into book values ('T4', 'A3', 'P2',
  STR_TO_DATE('2015/10/10', '%Y/%m/%d '));
insert into book values ('T5', 'A2', 'P2',
  STR_TO_DATE('2016/04/11', '%Y/%m/%d '));
insert into book values ('T6', 'A5', 'P3',
  STR_TO_DATE('2015/01/01', '%Y/%m/%d '));
insert into book values ('T7', 'A2', 'P2',
  STR_TO_DATE('03/13/2016', '%m/%d/%Y '));

insert into publ values ('P1', '1D');
insert into publ values ('P2', '2D');
insert into publ values ('P3', '3D');
insert into publ values ('P4', '4D');

Assignment Description

Hello world!

Hello world!


//Basic hello world massaged by html tags. 

//Also shows how to print an html file in browser window

$hello = "Hello world!"; echo "<b>" . $hello . "</b> ";

$bigHello = "Hello world!"; echo "<h4>" . $bigHello . "</h4> ";

print "<xmp> ";

$printMyFileAsIs = file_get_contents('0hello.php');

        echo $printMyFileAsIs;


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