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Assignment Description

BA Homework #3

Business Analytics - Spring 2019, NYU



Complete the problems below and submit via NYUClasses.  Submit a PDF file with your answers, graphs, and Tableau screenshots code. 



Problem 1: CitiBike anomaly detection & neighborhood usage 

CitiBike data reveals how users go about using bikes for travel needs such as commuting, entertainment, and tourism.  However, the data is highly criticized for anomalies. 



Link to dataset: https://github.com/jcbonilla/BusinessAnalytics/blob/master/BAData/Citibike%20Data.csv  



Explore this CitiBike dataset and answer the following questions:

1.       What anomalies detectable with tripduration and the age of the user

2.       Which neighborhoods have the highest demand in traffic usage.  Conduct your exploratory data analysis using the relative number of departures by riders with annual memberships from Citi Bike stations that happen during

a.       Morning

b.       Evening

c.       Alternative hours

3.       Based on your anomalies analysis in (1) and geographical usage in (2), what recommendation would you provide to the CitiBike operators



Problem 2: Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents involve human injuries, fatalities, and aircraft damages in multiple levels. 


Link to dataset:




Using the aviation data provide, develop a dashboar​            d that does the following:

1.       Geospatial visualization of fatal vs. non-fatal crashes in the US from the 1940s through 2013.

2.       An additional displays for:

a.       Countries with most incidents

b.       Historical deaths by year


Problem 3:  Retail Targets


Assume you are a Northeaster (NE) regional manager and have been asked to benchmark your region against the performance of other regions in the USA.  Use Tableau to analyze and visualize  the 10-year percent change in demographics. 



(1)   use “group” in Tableau to compute the NE Region  NE Region includes the following states:

     Maine(ME), New York(NY), New Jersey(NJ), Vermont(VT), Massachusetts(MA), Rhode Island(RI), Connecticut(CT), New Hampshire(NH), and Pennsylvania(PA)


(2)   use “calculated field” for each 10-year percent change.  Demographics include:

     Population, Income, Density, Ownhome

     Percentage of U18, college, white, black


Link to dataset:




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