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Short Assignment Requirements

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Assignment Description

Homework 5


Due Friday, April 28th by Midnight

Problem 1

The dataset MentalImpairment comes from a study of mental health for a random sample of adult residents of Alachua County, Florida. It relates mental impairment to two explanatory variables. Mental impairment is represented by the mental variable, and is coded as 1 = well, 2 = mild impairment, 3 = moderate impairment, and 4 = impaired. The variable ses is an indicator variable for high socioeconomic status, and the variable life is a measure of the number of important life events such as birth of a child, new job, divorce, or death in family that occurred to the subject within the past 3 years.

a.    What type of regression model would be appropriate here for modeling mental impairment and why?

b.    Assuming you will use ses and life as covariates, what does your model look like? (you can use ’s rather than fill in the estimated values...)

c.     Fit the appropriate model, including ses and life as predictor variables.

d.    Discuss your findings. Are people with high socioeconomic status more or less likely to su er from mental impairment? How about individuals with more life events? Provide odds ratio and interpret this value.

e.    Suppose you have a hunch that individuals with high ses are better at coping with life events than individuals with low ses. Adjust your model to investigate this hypothesis. What do your findings suggest?

# Your Code Here mental <- read.csv( https://s3.amazonaws.com/douglas2/MAS432/MentalImpairment.csv )

Problem 2

The dataset Telco contains information on 7,043 current and former customers of a large telecommunications firm.

a.    What percent of customers in the data have already churned?

b.    Is censoring an issue in this data? If so, why and what type of censoring?

c.     Fit Kaplan-Meier survival curves separately for each of the three contracts. Do the findings agree with your intuition? Discuss.

d.    Test if there is a statistically significant di erence between these curves. Write down the null and alternative hypothesis and draw a conclusion.

e.    Historically, the company has o ered substantial discounts to customers willing to sign a two-year contract. The justification was that locking customers into two-year contracts would require them to stay longer, and would thus lead to higher revenues. An executive is considering decreasing this discount or even discontinuing two-year contracts altogether. His justification is that customers on one-year contracts stay just as long as those on two-year contracts. What are your thoughts on this? What would you recommend? Why? Back up your statements/opinions with relevant quantities if possible.

# Your Code Here

telco <- read.csv( https://s3.amazonaws.com/douglas2/MAS432/telcoChurn.csv )


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