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Exam 2 IT-210 INSTRUCTIONS: You must work on this exam individually. Write all your solu- tions in a single .py file. Work on as many problems as you wish. Submit your solutions in the Exam 2 Dropbox in D2L. 1. (25 XP) Given 12345, write python code to find out all possible sums that result from inserting + between successive digits. For example 1234+5 = 1239. Print out the list of all 15 possibilities and the results. [HINT: the function eval() can be used to evaluate any arithmetic expression as a string. For example eval(“1234 + 5") = 1239] 2. (25 XP) Imagine you have a list of genders (as single characters) from all the students in class. The list might look like "MFFMMMFFMFMMFFFM" where M is male and F is female. Write a function called percentageGenders() that takes in the string and prints out the ratios (as a decimal) of each gender. For example, if the input is “MFFF", the function should print “There are 0.25 males, and 0.75 females". 3. (25 XP) How many three-digit numbers are divisible by n? Write a function that takes a number n and returns the list of all three-digit numbers divisible by n. 4. (25 XP) Create a function called sqrtLoop() that takes a positive number greater than 2 and then keeps taking the square root of this number until the square root is less than 2. Open a file and store the value each time the square root is taken, while statement] along with the number of times the operation has been completed. [HINT: Use a calling sqrtLoop(20): Print the values to only three decimal places, as shown in this example run from 1: 4.472 2: 2.115 3: 1.454 1

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