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Short Assignment Requirements

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Assignment Description

CSE101                                                                                       Object Oriented Design

                                                   Extra Credit Assignment 



Ms. Dolly Salvador has a thriving Landscaping business.  But she is getting bogged down in paper work and would like to have a program that would help her keep track of the costs of a design. She keeps a limited stock of annuals, perennials, bushes and trees, gardening supplies, such as fertilizers, neem oil (an organic fungicide) and seeds, as well as landscaping materials (flag stones, brick, landscaping ties).  But for larger jobs, she supplements her inventory by ordering material on an at-need basis. 


Ms. Salvador provides custom designs where she builds all the features she incorporates, such as a rock garden layout, water feature and or container gardens as well as standalone beds.  She is renowned for her retaining wall/raised bed constructions and usually one of these is incorporated in each design.  She needs to keep track of the cost in material and labor for each feature and she wants to always use up the inventory she has on hand whenever possible. 


You are given the above problem description.  You are to provide a standalone software solution design based on this description.  This design will be implemented in the object-oriented programing paradigm.  Your design solution will include the UML class diagrams of all classes included in software solution.  By complete, it means each of the 3 sections of the diagram need to be filled out with indication of private and public.  It is suggested that you use the plan of attack shown in lecture M17B on march 29th.


The assignment is worth the same as a regular assignment.  So you can substantially increase your grade by submitting a good solution.  But because this is an extra credit assignment, it must have a large part correct to get any credit.  Dotting down loosely connected ideas at the last moment will earn you nothing. You must follow conventions.


There is no single “Correct” answer.  The requirement is that your design must 

      Have least 8 classes. 

      There must be at least one 4 class deep trace on relation.  

      You must provide the UML class diagram for all classes (it is recommended that you use Excel to create these if you have no other graphics program.  That is how I generated the UML Class diagrams used in the lecture slides). 

      provide pseudo code for three of your more involved other accessor methods.  

      Provide explanation to any features of your design that are selling points. If there are none, you did not good a very good job. 

      This is an involved assignment.  You will have earned the extra credit as well as prepared for the next exam  SO …….If is doubt on any aspect of this assignment, ASK questions!!

CSE101                                                                                       Object Oriented Design

                                                   Extra Credit Assignment 



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