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Homework 5

Problem 1: For this exercise, write a dictionary that catalogs the classes you took last term - the keys should be the class number, and the values should be the title of the class.

Then, write a function add_class that takes two arguments - a class number and a description - that adds new classes to your dictionary. Use this function to add the classes you’re taking this term to the dictionary.

Finally, write a function print_classes that takes one argument - a department abbreviation (e.g. ‘MA’) - and prints out all the classes you took in that department. Example output:

>> print_classes(‘MA’)

MA241 - Mathematical Computation and Programming

MA122 - Calculus II

>> print_classes(‘CM’) No CM classes taken

For this exercise, we suggest using strings everywhere. Be sure to test with Course numbers that you both did and did not take!

Problem 2: We will be plotting OFTEN for the remainder of the course, so the first problem will ensure you are able to plot. I want you to plot the function) over the interval from 0 to 10. You will have to import math as discussed in class (no need to use Taylor series). For full credit, you must include the following:

1.    Space so that the plotted x-values are no larger than 0.1 between points

2.    Label the axes appropriately3. Give the figure a title

4.   Set the line width equal to 2

5.   The color of the line should be black

6.   Include a legend in the figure

7.   Set the axes to be x = [0,10] and y = [-1,1]. Problem 3: Later in this course, you will all need a decent sequence plotter. You will build that now.

Write a function that takes two inputs: start and stop, describing where to start and stop the sequence (they should be integers). This function should plot your sequence as red dots. Label your axes and give your plot a title. Finally, the function should print out the final value plotted in the sequence.

Problem 4: Write code to evaluate ln(x) using the Taylor series expansion from class. Make this a function that allows the user to input the number of terms to use (n), the desired x value (x), and prints the Taylor series estimate. I will test this code on ln(1.5).


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