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I have attached a file that explains everything that needs to be done. Don't worry about the GitHub part, I will do it. The program should be written in Python and work on Python 3.6.The code should be explained at every important step, so that a beginner can learn from it.

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Storage problem We receive some records in a CSV file (promotions attached) every 30 minutes. We would like to store these objects in a way to be accessed by an endpoint. Given an ID the endpoint should return the object, otherwise, return not found. Eg: curl https://localhost:1321/promotions/1 {"id":"172FFC14-D229-4C93-B06B-F48B8C095512", "price":9.68, "expiration_date":"2018-06-04 06:01:20"} Additionally, consider: • Please consider the .csv file to be very big (billions of entries) - how would your application perform? • How would your application perform in peak periods (millions of request per minute)? • Every new file is immutable, that is, you should erase and write the whole storage. The application could be written in any language. • Main deliverable is the code for the app including usage instructions, ideally in a repo/github gist

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