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Short Assignment Requirements

i want program make with visual basic or visual studio.... read doc for more explantion about my assignment....there is .exe extension for complete program from my lecture as example

Assignment Description



Difficulty: 4/5

Create an application that simulates a viewer exploring a room. The room has 9 cubes. You decide the world coordinate of each cube. Each cube must have different colores.

A perspective projection is used for viewing; when the program runs, the user should see a one-point perspective view of (some of) the cubes.


The program must be able to:

·         Move the camera forward, backward, and sideways.

·         Rotate the camera left and right.

·         Change the front and back plane of the view volume.

·         Clip cubes (and part of cubes) that are out of the view volume.

·         View other objects (not just a cubes) by opening the data of objects from a file.

·         Bonus points for user friendliness. Negative points for extreme user unfriendliness.


What to submit:

·         An executable file

·         The source code (and other libraries/files if necessary)

·         A report.


The report should contain the following:

·         Introduction.

·         Basic theory.

·         How to use the features in the application.

·         The data structure of the 3D world (the objects), the camera, and transformation matrix used in the program.

·         How the bonuses (if done) are implemented.

·         Evaluation of the main features (drawing polygons and polylines). Try the following test cases:

o   Move the camera forward, backwards, and sideways.

o   Rotate the camera left and right.

o   Set visibility of far and near objects by changing the front and back planes.

o   Also perform a test case for all the bonuses you implemented

o   Include screenshots of each test case.

·         Work log. Record the date and time of every moment you work on this assignment and job description of each member at each session.

·         Conclusion and remarks.


Submit the assignment no later than midnight, 23 October 2016, to ....




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