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Hands-on Final Exam


Due Thursday, December 13, 2018, by 3:30 pm. (Please upload the Access Database file (.accdb) to Blackboard)


Data File needed for this assignment is included: Beauty.accdb


Beauty To Go          Sue Miller, an owner of a nail and hair salon in Orlando, Florida, regularly checks in on her grandmother, who resides in a retirement community. On some of her visits, Sue does her grandmother’s hair and nails. Her grandmother recently asked if Sue would also be willing to do the hair and nails of some of her friends in her retirement community and other surrounding communities. She said that these friends would happily pay for her services. Sue thinks this is an excellent way to expand her current business and serve the needs of the retirement community at the same time. In discussing the opportunity with some of the members of the retirement community, she found that the ladies would very much like to pay Sue in advance for her services and have them scheduled on a regular basis; however, the frequency and types of the services vary from person to person.  Sue decides to come up with different options that would serve the needs of the ladies in the retirement community. Sue wants to use Access to maintain information about the customers and the types of options offered.

      A technician created a Beauty database for her, she needs your help in manipulating the database. Sue needs to modify a few records in the Beauty database and analyze the data for customers that subscribe to her business. To help Sue, you’ll update the Beauty database and create queries to answer her questions.  Compute the following:


  1. Download the included Beauty database. You can save the database as Beauty by Your Name. Then open the Beauty database and then click the Enable Control button next to the security warning, if necessary.
  2. In the Member table, find the record for MemberID 2163, and then change the Street value to 844 Sanford Ln and the Zip to 32804.
  3. In the Member table, find the record for MemberID 2169, and then delete the record. Close the Member table.
  4. Create a query that lists customers who did not have to pay a fee when they signed up for their current option. In the query results, display the Firstname, LastName, and OptionBegin fields from the member table, and the OptionCost field from the Option table. Sort the records in ascending order by the option start date. Select records only for customers whose fees were waived. (Hint: The FeeWaived field is a Yes/No field that should not appear in the query results.) Save the query as NoFees, and then run the query.
  5. Use the NoFees query datasheet to update the Member table by changing the Last name value for Gilda Packson to Washington.
  6. Use the NoFees query datasheet to display the total Option Cost for the selected members. Save and close the query.
  7. Create a query that lists the MemberID, Firstname, LastName, OptionBegin, OptionDescription, and OptionCost fields for customers who signed up with Beauty To Go between January 1, 2017 and January 31, 2017. Save the query as JanuaryOptions, run the query, and then close it. (Hint: for the criteria, use Between … And …)
  8. Create a query that lists all customers who live in Celebration and whose options end on or after 4/1/2017. Display the following fields from the Member table in the query results: MemberID, FirstName, LastName, Phone, and OptionEnd. (Hint: The City field values should not appear in the query results.) Sort the query results in ascending order by last name. Save the query as CelebrationAndEndDate, run the query, and then close it.
  9. Copy and paste the CelebrationAndEndDate query to create a new query named CelebrationOrEndDate. Modify the new query so that it lists all members who live in Celebration or whose memberships expire on or after 4/1/2017. Display the City field values in the query results following the Phone field values, and sort the query results in ascending order by city (this should be the only sort in the query). Save and run the query.
  10. Change the size of the font in the CelebrationOrEndDate query datasheet to 14 points. Re size columns, as necessary, so that all field values and column headings are visible.
  11. Change the alternate row color in the CelebrationOrEndDate query datasheet to the Theme Color named Green, Accent 6, Lighter 80%, and then save and close the query.
  12. Create a query that calculates the lowest, highest, and average cost for all options using the field names LowestCost, HighestCost, and AverageCost, respectively. Set the Caption property for each field to include a space between the two words in the field name. Run the query, resize all columns in the datasheet to their best fit, save the query as CostStatistics, and then close it.
  13. Copy and paste the CostStatistics query to create a new query named CostStatisticsByZip.
  14. Modify the CostStatisticsByZip query to display the same statistics grouped by Zip, with Zip appearing as the first field. (Hint: Add the member table to the query.) Run the query, and then save and close it.
  15. Use the Form Wizard to create a form based on the Member table. Select all the fields for the form and the Columnar layout. Specify the title MemberData for the form.
  16. Apply the Slice theme to the MemberData form only.
  17. Edit the form title so that it appears as “Member Data” (two words); resize the title so that both words fit on the same line; and then change the font color of the form title to the Orange, Accent 5, Darker 25% theme color.
  18. Use the Find command to display the record for Maita Rios, and then change the OptionEnds field value for this record to 9/3/2017.
  19. Use the MemberData form to add a new record to the Member table with the following field values:

Member ID: 2180

Option ID: 135

First Name: Risa

Last Name: Kaplan

Street: 122 Bolcher Ave

City: Orlando

State: FL

Zip: 32805

Phone: 212-858-4007

Option Begins: 11/11/2017

Option Ends: 5/11/2018

  1. Save and close the MemberData form
  2. Use the Report Wizard to create a report based on the primary Option table and the related Member table. Select all the fields from the Option table, and then select the MemberID, FirstName, LastName, City, Phone, OptionBegin, and OptionEnd fields from the Member table. Do not select any additional grouping levels, and sort the detail records in ascending order by MemberID. Choose the Outline layout and Landscape orientation. Specify the title MemberOptions for the report.
  3. Save the report and then close the report.
  4. Compact and repair the Beauty database, and then close it.
  5. Congratulations for your awesome work!!! Please upload your database file (.accdb) to the same place where you download this final exam on Blackboard.

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