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Short Assignment Requirements

I am taking advanced web programming at college. I need your help about my web programming project. We need to create a website. There is a few milestones. I already did first milestone which is attached for you. Business-Plan file is answer of Milestone 1 assignment. If necessary, you can change something on Milestone 1.Now We need to do Milestone 2 Stage 1 and Milestone 2 Stage 2. I attached them.

Assignment Description


My business is an online homemade food delivery service which name is Homemade Food Delivery. All visitors can see the foods and prices on the home page. Only registered users will be able to place or remove the meals which are made by them.


·         On the top of left, there will be a logo of business.

·         On the top of right, there will be Log In link.

·         There will be a search box middle of the logo and Log In link.

·         All visitors can view all items on the homepage.

·         Visitors and registered users need to click the food names to buy food on home page. When they click the food name, new windows will open and there will be Add to Cart button. After clicking the Add to Cart, system will ask user name and password ( if they are still not registered) or Continue as a Visitor.

·         There will be 7 links: Home, About Us, Ingredients Standard, FAQs, Contact Us, Site Map, Log In.


There are 2 sub-links:

Company History:

As a woman I know, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner are usually a big problem even if you do not work any job. You need think what you can make for each day, what your children love to eat, what your husband loves to eat, you have to go shopping… Actually, you need to spend a lot of time to make a meal. Cooking everyday is usually impossible, so you buy outside food.  

After all, I decided to develop a website on October 15, 2017. I love homemade food and many of my friends prefer to eat homemade food than fast-food or restaurant food. Homemade foods are most healthy and reliable. In addition, this website will help to earn money for a lot of home chefs. They can use their home kitchen.

Consequently, we will be as a family here. I thank you so much all home chefs and people who love to eat meals of our chefs.

Our Chefs:

Our chefs are you! You can show your cooking talent and present your meals here to everybody. You make meals in your kitchen with your products which are proper company ingredients standard. This is an amazing chance to make money by selling food at your home.


·         Organic products

·          High fructose corn syrup or preservatives Free

·         Artificial colors Free

·         Preservatives or sweeteners Free

·         Bulk dried fruit with added sulfites Free

·         Cottonseed oil Free

·         Gluten-free


There will be list the top frequently asked questions.

·         Can I return or cancel my order?

You cannot return or cancel your order.

·         How Can I place my homemade food?

You need to register. If you do not have an account, click Sign In link and create new account. Then you can go Sell Food sub-link to place your food.

·         Can I pay cash?

You cannot pay cash. You can pay with card, paypal or bitcoin.


·         Company phone number, e-mail address, fax address and mail address are placed here.

·         Also, there will be an information request form here.


·         There will be hyperlinks to each page of my site.


·         Under the Log In link, there will be 4 sub-links:

Sell Food: If they signed in, they can place here their homemade food and they can remove it. There will be Delete option under the items to remove.

My Cart: They can see what food they order from the site. They can keep track their order.

There will be Proceed to Checkout button here.

 Proceed to Checkout -> Card Information -> Delivery Address -> Receipt Address -> Success

My Profile: If they signed in, they can set their profile and explain themselves. If they have any professionals, experiences, they can write here. So, visitors can see chef’s profile.

Create New Account: They can create an account here.


Assignment Description

Milestone 1

Stage 1

1. Ensure you have your PC set correctly

2. Acquire and Install FTP Client (Filezilla recommended) by 14 Oct 2017

3. Ensure FTP access by 21 Oct 2017

4. Ensure the final Assignment is understood see stage 2

Let it be understood that I reward for effort.


Stage 2


Preliminary  Storyboard(SYSTEM FLOWCHART):

Your Capstone Exam will consist of  a Flow charted Website (Shopping Cart).  Shopping cart will have a minimum of 8 items to display. All visitors will be able to view the items and their prices. only registered users will be able to place or remove items from the shopping cart. Cart will track the items placed within it and will keep a running tally and sum of items. Costumers will be able to request receipt. Capstone project will be graded on its degree of complexity; the complexity of the elements used to build it and foremost its functionality.



Assignment Description


Stage 2

·         Submitting a text entry box, a website url, a media recording or a file upload

Review the following webpage: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/01/10-principles-of-effective-web-design/ Links to an external site.
    Create a database connected, session controlled website where all the pages are modular; No Page calls it-selves.
    required pages:
        login form
        logout page - used to logout a user from the session.
        a members page - Password protected page.
        a registration form - used to create member accounts provide the URL and a username and password that will allow the testing of the pages functions (Email URL to all class members and instructor)
    upload the source code to instructor

All the labor and research that you performed to complete prior assignments should come into play here.


    NO JavaScript or AJAX; Only HTML/XHTML, PHP, and MySQL.

New requirements;

Add the following columns to your current table:

    Phone number
    address (State option as a dropdown menu)
    email address (If not already present)
    Highest level of education

    When a person successfully logs in they will be redirected to their personal member’s page.

    The member’s pages will have fields that display the data pertaining to the logged in person.

    Members must be able to update their data. Except for the Login_Id/Username.

    Viewing of member’s Page must be restricted to the member that owns it.


Assignment Description



  • Submitting a text entry box, a website url, or a file upload

Create the trivial little gender entry form

Make sure that it reflects your storyboard.

Webpage must be secure and functional.

SUBMIT your code as a  .txt or .doc document.

What not to do:

1) None of the data should appear in the URL.

2) do not use sessions

3) Do not use pages that call themselves.

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