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Assignment Description

Clothing Sales


Project Description:

Wanda Robinson runs a home business selling designer clothing and has started using an Access database to keep her records. The database has been created and is now able to retain data. Wanda wants to have some forms and reports created to make dealing with the data easier. She has hired you to develop the necessary forms and reports.



For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:



Points Possible


Start Access. Open the downloaded file named a02ws04_grader_h3. Save the file with the name a02ws04_grader_h3_LastFirst, replacing LastFirst with your name. In the Security Warning bar, click Enable Content.



Open tblCustomer. Add a new record with CustomerID 16, FirstName Access, LastName Student, Address 101 Main Street, City Santa Fe, State NM, and ZipCode 87594.



Create a split form to show all the product information from tblProduct. Save the form as frmProductInfo_aStudent. Apply the theme Ion to all objects in the database. Add Created by a Student to the Form Footer. Save and close the form.



Use the Form Wizard to create a form that will display the customer's LastName and FirstName in the main form, and ProductDescription, Price, Size, and Color in a subform. Accept all default options. Name the form frmCustOrders_aStudent and the subform frmProductSubform_aStudent.



Remove the subform label. Move the subform to line up with the First Name label. Autofit the columns in the subform. Resize the subform to fit the columns. Change the title of the form to Customer Orders. Add Created by a Student to the main form Form Footer. Save and close the form.



Use the Report Wizard to create a report to summarize each customers purchases. Include LastName, FirstName, ProductDescription, Price, and Quantity (in that order.) (Hint: this information will come from three different tables). Accept the grouping options, sort ascending by ProductDescription, use a format of Stepped and Landscape, and save the report as rptCustSummary_aStudent.



Add the sum of the quantities for each customer. Add a caption Total Products.



Apply conditional formatting to make any sum of quantities greater than 3 bold and red.



Add Created by a Student to the report footer.  Change the title of the report to Customer Summary. Save and close the report.



Use the Report Wizard to create a report that includes all product fields except ProductID. Group products by Category and then Price, sort by ProductDescription and then Size. Use Summary Options in the wizard to show the sum of QuantityInStock. Change the orientation to Landscape. Name the report rptPriceCategories_aStudent.



Click on the Product Description text box. In the Property Sheet, on the Format tab, change the Width to 1.5". Move the Size label and Size text box to the left next to Product Description (the Left property should be 6.8333"). Move the Quantity in Stock label, text box, subtotals, and grand totals to left next to Size (the Left property should be 7.1667"). Move the Color label and text box to the left next to Quantity in Stock (the Left property should be 8.875"). Click on the Color label and Color text box to select them. In the Property Sheet, on the Format tab, change the Width to 1.5".



Add Created by a Student to the report footer below the Grand Total. Change the title of the report to Products by Category and Price. Save and close the report.



Close all database objects. Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the database as directed.



Total Points



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