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must make sure your zip contains all that is needed by a marker to extract and run it. You must ensure it can run on a Managed Desktop computer. The marking session timing is tightly constrained. You must be ready at your appointed time. Time slots for the marking sessions Your time slots have been randomly assigned across the Week 11 and Week 12 marking sessions and are available to see on MOLE. Marking criteria The marking scheme is summarised here, but the marker will be focussed on what the student submission is worth overall and therefore may move some marks from one criteria to another where appropriate. For high marks the context and coding proficiency shown should be non-trivial. STUDENT NAME STUDENT ID Outline objectives for markers Code demonstrates an engineering or mathematical concept, model or application and is easy to use. Headers/help complete and informative. Sufficient comments that are useful/appropriate. File structure obvious and easy to read. Context Proficiency Apply cap? Circle as appropriate: (40%-8) (50%=10) [6 marks] [6 marks] [8 marks] TOTAL [20 available] (Give verbal feedback as marking) Marker initials MARK Comments/Notes Further guidance on marking criteria and penalties is available in the document 'Further guidance on Matlab Assignment 4 marking’on MOLE. Progress Checkpoint An opportunity to raise any issues will be available at the WEEK 8 COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE assignment briefing meeting in DIA LT07, Tuesday 14:00, 28/3/2016

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