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Assignment Description

FIN 890 AE: Assignment 2

Due Tuesday Sept 26th

Directions: Remember to show your work, hand in one per individual, and hand this in by paper only.

  1. The SBS students are going to vote on whether to allow Starbucks a coffee consession inside the building. Of all the students who can vote only 25 will show up and actually place a ballot. If you also know that 52 percent favor having Starbucks, what is the probability that the wrong side will win? Estimate this with a monte-carlo experiment (1,000,000 iterations) drawing 25 voters at random from a 52/48 population, and recording the election winners (simple majority). Repeat this assuming that 100 students will vote.


  1. You have a stock which has a return of -0.05 with probability 0.25, 0.00 with probability 0.25, and 0.05 with probability of 0.50. Run a monte-carlo (10,000 iterations) experiment of a sample of length 10. Plot a histogram of the number of samples with returns of 0.05.


  1. This problem estimates the precision of several estimated statistics using normally distributed random variables. I would like to know the mean, and standard deviation of the following estimates,
    1. Sample mean
    2. Sample median
    3. Sample 0.25 quantile
    4. Sample 0.05 quantile
    5. Sample 0.01 quantile

Find these using a monte-carlo experiment. In each of 100,000 monte-carlo runs draw a sample of m normal random variables, and record your estimate of the above estimated statistics. At the end of the run record the mean and standard deviation for your estimators. Repeat this for sample sizes of 50, 250, 1000.


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