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Assignment Description

Dear Students,

Please find attached homework 4. Please write a separate .m file for each of the questions. For question

3 to 6 save the workspace as .mat file unless otherwise specified. Please add your name in the names of .mat and .m files (for eg. Question1_Suril.m Question1_suril.mat). This homework will be due at 11:55 PM on 10/27/2016.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Question 1. Write a MATLAB script to display following lines (use the function fprintf) (3 points).

1.       Suril had 25% in First quiz

2.       Suril worked ‘hard’ but had 25% in the first quiz

3.       AB is the same as B/A

Question 2. For the function fprintf explain the difference between notations %f, %e, %d and %s using an example. (2 points)

Question 3. Use the MATLAB program written in question 5 of homework 3 (matrix Inverse). Modify the program such that the matrix A is input by the user using ‘input’ command.

Question 4. Consider following set of linear equations (5 equations, 5 unknowns).  Where X1 to X5 are unknowns. A1 to E5 are coefficients and Y1 to Y5 are results. Write a MATLAB program to solve the equation. Ask user to input the values of A1 to E5 as matrix and Y1 to Y5 as secondary matrix.

 Specifically ask user to input a 5 x 5 matrix and 1 x 5 matrix. (Use ‘input’) command.




A4*X1+B4*X2+C4*X3+D4*X4+E4*X5=Y4; A5*X1+B5*X2+C5*X3+D5*X4+E5*X5=Y5;


Question 6. Write Matlab programs to solve following problems. (2 Points each) For each of the program also create a .mat file that will store the final output as described in each of the problems.








For question 1 save the workspace such that you are saving the values of input (grades) as well as mean, std, median. Information of length of variable is not necessary.





For question 2 Run program using 5 different values of T and R, which you can pick randomly. Store the output in the workspace file which will contain the heat index, T and R (as a separate column matrices) (1 point) and a combined matrix (3x5) where each column represents the values of T, R and heat index (1 point).









For question 3, save the whole workspace.

Assignment Image

MATLAB Assignment Description Image [Solution]
Q5. Pick a three dimension matrix A using randn(3,3). Calculate Inverse of the matrix (do not use inv(A) function in MATLAB). Show that Inverse calculated is correct using matrix multiplication. Matrix Inversion can be calculated using following method. (2 Points) For a matrix all a12 a13 A=a21 922 923 a31 a32 a33 The matrix inverse is

Assignment Image

MATLAB Assignment Description Image [Solution]
Homework: 3 A- = 1 A a22 923 a32 a33 a22 a23 a13 a12 a12 a13 a32 a33 a33 a32a22 923 a23a21 a11 a13 a13 a11 an a33 a31 a31 a33a23 921 921 922 912 911 911 912 also con a31 a32a32 931 a32 a31 a21 922 is the determinant of matrix and A is the determinant of matrix A. [a22 a23] [a32 a33]

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