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make the code work, with the profile ' spacecraft', develop each question of the problem

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C Thinking Like An Eng X G uniform density obj X → C https://view.ebookplus.pearsoncmg.com/ebook/launcheText.do?values=bookID::49032::platform:: PEARSON Browse THINKING LIKE AN ENGINEER An Active Learning Approach Table of Contents Page 747 INDSIDE FRONT COVER ► FRONTMATTER My Searches PART 1: ENGINEERING ESSENTIALS PART 2: UBIQUITOUS UNITS PART 3: SCRUPULOUS WORKSHEETS ▶ PART 4: PUNCTILIOUS PROGRAMMING Index COMPREHENSION CHECK ANSWERS INDEX END PAPERS > Notes Search... > Bookmarks ... B @ EH AccessUH - Universi x Bb Pearson's MyLab & X MATLAB examples Go 143% Pearson eText X P Pearson eText me X Bb Pearson's MyLab & X 6. A sample data set D is provided online in the file Spacecraft.mat. Use the load com- mand to load this data into your workspace. A matrix D contains data on several experimen- tal spacecraft engines. The matrix is organized in pairs of rows. Each pair of rows contains data measured during tests of the engines. For each pair of rows, the odd numbered row contains several measurements of the total energy used by the engine and the even num- bered row contains the corresponding total kinetic energy imparted to the spacecraft. Recalling the equation for energy efficiency, En = n E₁ we see that the efficiency of the engine is the slope of the line if the kinetic energy of the spacecraft (the output energy, E₁) is plotted versus energy input to the engine (E₁). 1030::bookPageNumber::iii::fromloginpage::N::invokeType::Ims::launchState::goToEBook::platform::1030::userID:1! Q✩ Print Settings | Help | Sign Out Welcome Oscar Hernandez ENGI 1331 (24467, 24471) Zelisko For each data set in matrix D: (a) Determine the efficiency of the engine represented by each data set. (b) For each data set with an efficiency of at least 0.8 (80%), plot the data (all data sets on the same graph) represented by red diamonds. Add a solid red trendline to each such data set, including a trendline equation. (c) For each data set with an efficiency of at least 0.5 (50%) but less than 0.8 (80%), plot the data (all data sets on the same graph) represented by blue circles. Add a dotted blue trendline to each such data set, including a trendline equation. (d) For each data set with an efficiency less than 0.5 (50%), plot the data (all data sets on the same graph) represented by black X's. These low-efficiency data sets will NOT have a trendline or equation added. (e) The trendline equations should be in the form E# = n E#₁ where # is the number of the dataset (half of the even-numbered row of the data set). Legal Notice | Privacy Policy | Permissions | Support Feedback (f) The trendline equations should be positioned immediately to the right of the largest (rightmost) data point of the corresponding data set. Note that you SHOULD NOT figure out the efficiencies and hard-code the line types, etc. Your program must do this automatically so it will work for any set of data without user intervention. The graph should be properly labeled and formatted, but the colors and types of both the lines and data markers will not follow the standard proper plot rules since they are specified in the problem. You may assume the largest value of E₁ is 12 and the largest value of Eo is 10. For the sample dataset provided, your graph should be similar to the following. New Order X X : Next Page Course ID: engi27949 1:45 PM 11/11/2016

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