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Hello dear,Here is my assignment for Wireless Communication. Please see the attachment. It has two steps to be completed.1- Discussion regarding the Hala Hata model and description as well for it.2- MATLAB code to plot what required for this particular step.Thank youFeel free to contact me back if need any material for this course.Am G

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ELEE 4500U Project 1 Wireless Channel Modeling: Large-Scale Instructor: Prof. Min Dong Office: ENG2025 Due date: Feb 13, 2018 1 Main Topics • Wireless channel path-loss model 2 Computer Assignment Hata model is an empirical formulation path-loss model; it is widely used for wireless channel modeling in practical system design and performance evaluation. Hata model is given in textbook Chapter 4.10.4. 1. Typically, an empirical model is only suitable or valid for certain system environment. Read the description of Hata model, and discuss Hata model is suitable to be used in what wireless system setup (i.e., describe the range of system parameters, such as carrier frequency fc, antenna heights at BS and MS). 2. Consider Hata path-loss model formula for a suburban area of a medium city. Assume a BS antenna height of 30m, and MS antenna height of 1m. (Note that, i) page 153, eqns.(4.82), (4.83),(4.85) give the linear path-loss model for PL[dB] (or L50 (dB); ii) distance d is in unit km, and fe is in MHz.) a) For carrier frequency of 500MHz and 1.5GHz, use MATLAB to plot the linear path gain G(d) [dB] (= -PL[dB]) as a function of d, for d ranging from 1km to 10km, using a sample spacing of 100m. Plot G(d) [dB] vs. d for both carrier frequencies in one figure to compare them. b) Discuss how different carrier frequencies affect the path gain over distance d. 3 Project Report Work individually. Project report should include the required figures, MATLAB code, a brief description of the code, and observations and conclusions that you may draw from the simulation results. When plotting figures, clearly scale and label your plots (both x- and y-axis; specify unit whenever possible). When more than one curve is shown in a figure, clearly put legend describing each curve. / /

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