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Given the governing equation: Deff (∂2CA/∂z2) +KCA2 =∂CA/∂t The boundary conditions for the material balance may be written as At z = ∞, CA = 0 At z = 0, CA = CAO What is the concentration profile, how does the quantity CA vary with respect to z

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Ja H Initial CA DD² GA 02² CA D = 2.88×10 (a (Z₁t)? Cinhin (A(2,0). Boundary condition CA (0₁²) = Cao (ie at time z = 0 daa the dea term do + KCA in vary with respect ONC } 5 keeping trie om Sec 0.0075gmal 2 Problem statement (1). How does distance in the 2 dimenturi to thie varmatus of CA wit 2 and time (MK) Make an m Cue L; de cu |(₁,0) = 0 (v₂ at time 2 = 6₁ k = 500 4 gmots ec (=22-9cm. (14) The Analytical are CAO (ve that time t = 0 CA = Coro) for all z CA = (no) for all t Ca assumption that the reaction is ^ your and time +) mital bo z we shows the plots of the constant I the unsteady state e CA verry with respect to fie le e show the plots of dan-of for allt. 2 and t Cie unsteady state C making dessapear and find how programming z the varnatum of CA wrt 2 while solution to the problem statement (u) above - Dat² C²+ + X(₁²) = CA 2 ( əzz is 3 t n 2n) 12² 0 (₁₂) = 1 + 6( 1 − 1) + ≤² (2+² -1² + ³) +oce³) -0 - € 2 3 where o 1 and E ore dimensiunless parameters.

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SOKEFUN YETUNDE TOSIN / O = CA CAO Shiw that obtained m n=z (11) and E = KGAL² D the plot of (1) Gus A LIZ bequid B N^2/2+32 15 A is similar to the R=RG² plots L

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