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Short Assignment Requirements

I need to be able to run the three programs in my computer.

Assignment Description

NEW       YORK      INSTITUTE             OF           TECHNOLOGY      

SCHOOL OF           ENGINEERING       AND        COMPUTING         SCIENCES              


OLD        WESTBURY            CAMPUS               



MENG 438/602  Engineering Analysis                                                                             Dr. J. Ma

Take Home Project 1                                                                                             February 12, 2019


Due on February 26, 2019



Name:                                                                                      Score:     /20





-          Write your own MatLab programs to solve the problems.  Main program for the method employed should be independent of the specific problem to be solved.

-          Hand in all source codes and execution results.



1.      (5 points)

Finding a re-arrangement of the equation



which will converge to a solution in the interval (1,3) to four decimal places when the fixed point iteration method is used.


2.      (10 points)

Finding the root of the equation

 xtan(x) = 2


in the interval (0,π/2) using (i) Bisection method; (ii) Secant method.


3.      (5 points)

The design of a car suspension system involves a trade-off between comfort and stability for all driving conditions and speeds.  Vibration analysis based on proper modeling of a car and required performance upon hitting a pothole reached the following equation:



⎛⎜⎜⎝0.05 mk 4cm22 ⎞⎠⎟⎟+ 4kmcc2 sin⎝⎛⎜⎜0.05 mk 4cm22 ⎟⎟⎠⎞= 0


where the mass of the car m = 1.2 × 103 kg and the damping coefficient of its shock system is c = 1 × 104 kg/s.  Find an appropriate value of k that satisfies this condition.


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