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Assignment Description

Extra Credit Fall 2018


I recently had a research paper accepted to the Demographic Variations in Performance of Biometric Algorithms Workshop which is part of WACV2019 (http://wacv19.wacv.net/ ). The research paper discusses the impact of image resolution on attribute prediction from NIR ocular images. Before a researcher begins such a work, they need to ‘research’ existing related work. 

Discovering related work is an important research step as it educates you to existing methods and how your proposed method may impact the field.


Below are 3 of the many articles that I researched for my publication:

Multiresolution models for object detection:



Contextual multi-scale region-based cnn for unconstrained face detection https://arxiv.org/abs/1606.05413


Finding Tiny Faces:



Extra Credit Turn in:

1.       Find at least 6 other publications that discusses the impact of image resolution on biometric modalities (face, fingerprint, iris). 

2.       Summarize, in your own words, the content of the work (2-3 sentences).

3.       Include the title, the abstract (the author’s summary of the work) and a link to the pdf (if available).

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