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Assignment Description

COMSATSUniversity Islamabad Abbottabad

Department of Computer Science Assignment 3 (FALL 2018)

                                                                              Due Date:                 21st Nov, 2018

       Subject:   Object Oriented Programming                 Instructor:      Ashfaq Ahmed

Question # 01: Here you are provided with a file named “pollution report.txt”. Your task is to write a java code which will read this text file and process it line by line to find the following details:

                    List of distinct words and how many time they have arrived. ● Total number of words in the file ● Total number of lines.

                    Total number of words starting with capital letter ● Total number of words starting with lower case.

                    Apply text refinement over all the words (i.e. Remove all the extra symbols, find the base word) You have to print the following details:

Total number of words

Total number lines

Rest of the information must be exported to an external file named as “pollution article report.txt” with some proper heading before start of each details and some sort of terminator

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