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Short Assignment Requirements

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Assignment Description

BMIS 211

Gradebook Project


Create a gradebook application that tracks the performance of ten students who need to complete ten projects worth 100 points each.  Once the gradebook is populated with students and scores, your gradebook should automate the following tasks:


1.      Calculate the highest, lowest, and average score for each project.

2.      Highlight the scores of each student who performs below average for each project.

3.      Calculate Total Points.  Total Points is equal to the sum of the scores for each student, but we are allowing each student to drop their lowest two scores. Hint:

you might want to use the small() function in this calculation.

4.      Assign grades: Beginning with a maximum total points of 800, assign letter grades based on the standard grading scale in use at MSU.

5.      Calculate the number of each grade given and display that information in a histogram.

6.      Calculate the class average GPA and display it in a prominent location.

7.      Format all to professional standards and make sure you include all appropriate documentation. 


Extra Credit:

Sometimes students are within a few points of earning the next highest grade. Create a

column called “Check”.  The check column should indicate “Y” or “Yes” when students are close to the next highest grade and “N” or “No” when they are not close to the next highest grade.  Your worksheet should give the instructor the flexibility to determine what “close” means. 


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