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Short Assignment Requirements

Hello, I need someone to do this for me, I'm taking 5 courses and this excel is really stressing me out, I have the attachment and it has all the data and numbers etc, and you just have to basically answer the questions that are on there by looking at the excel. The first is just the instructions. ( ignore the part where they say do it in the assessment after) i can do that myself, i just need the questions answered.

Assignment Description

MGTS 103: Lab Exercise 2. Univariate and Bivariate Graphs and Charts

1.       Open the Lab2Demo file.

2.       Save As… LastNameFirstInitialLab2Demo (add your name to the file name).

3.       Enter your name, ID number and today’s date into the NAME worksheet

4.       On the ARRIVALS worksheet, the histogram tool has been used to visually summarize the arrival distribution of customers (number of customer arrivals per hour for a sample of n one-hour periods)

a.       Produce a histogram, this time creating your own Bin values (in intervals of 2). This is a much “neater” histogram in a sense that the intervals are in more presentable numbers (not with decimal places).

b.     Save your Work.


The next part of this Lab 2 exercise uses share price information about the Edmonton company Stantec, with head office located a few blocks from our MacEwan downtown campus.  A portion of the “About…” company webpage is shown below: (from http://www.stantec.com/default.htm )




5.       On the Stantec worksheet:

a.       Create a time series line graph including both S&P/TSX returns and Stantec returns. What would you rather invest in?

6.       On the Stantec Copy worksheet:

a.       Create a Scatterplot between Stantec’s returns and S&P/TSX’s returns. Does there appear to be a relationship? Compute the Correlation between Stantec and S&P/TSX returns.

b.      Save your work.

7.       On the PROMOTION worksheet:

a.       Create a Pie Chart of the different promotion types. Be sure to include the different proportions of each proportion type in the chart.

8.       Save your work.  Refer to your Independent lab file to answer the questions in Blackboard Assessments A2.

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