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Short Assignment Requirements

This is to be a budget spreadsheet for a church. It does not have to be elaborate. The functions should be basic and started from scratch.

Assignment Description

Part 1 Instructions


Your pastor has learned that you are taking a course in which you are learning about Excel. He has asked your team for assistance in developing a budget for the church using Excel. He would like a budget that will not only list out the basic expenses of the church, but will also allow for some advanced analysis.



1.      Budget (Relevant chapters – Excel 1–4, 6)

a.       Using Excel, create a budget for a church with an appealing format that will identify the income/expenses of the church. This can be a yearly budget or a monthly budget (or both).

b.      Include relevant categories, formulas, and appropriate formatting choices.

c.       Include at least 1 nested function in your spreadsheet.

d.      Do not use a template. Start from a new, blank workbook.

e.       Name this spreadsheet Budget.



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