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Short Assignment Requirements

Supplier Complexity CaseThis assignment has two objectives: (a) to describe the challenges in data collection and encourage you to think through these challenges and describe alternative ways of capturing, defining, and using the data; and (b) to coach you to use the data for decision making.This assignment is available to you for almost three weeks. I recommend that you start working on the assignment as soon as you can. Here are the suggested steps:Step 1: Begin by reading the case (PDF file) and developing an Excel file. The raw data is available in the Excel file.Step 2: Complexity value for a few suppliers are provided below (as a separate item) so you can check you calculations against it. If your calculations do not match, try again. If you need help, follow the instructions in the item below.Step 3: In a Word document, type your answers to the questions at the end of the assignment.Step 4: Take the quiz. Only one part. A quiz to enter your answers will be made available shortly. To answer the questions on the quiz, you will need your Excel file and the Word document with the answers.

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