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Project 2 Instructions


Starting File: Project 2 – Student – Celestial Bakery.xlsx

Celestial Bakery, a custom bakery business, has asked you to analyze employee bonuses for.  Bonuses are paid to employees based on the results of their annual evaluation.  Follow the steps below to produce the results shown in Figure 1 at the end of this document.


·         This workbook has 2 worksheets: the Documentation worksheet (for the history of this workbook), and the Payroll Data worksheet. Be sure to work on the correct worksheet as indicated in the instructions.

·         You should use cell references in all formulas – do not re-enter data. Use absolute references where appropriate when copying formulas.

·         You may see either 0 or a dash when a numeric value is zero.  This is based on a formatting option at the Excel level (not the worksheet level).  Either way is acceptable – let Excel decide. DO NOT force a dash in your formula!

·         If you have questions or problems, contact the instructor for help.

·         Remember:  Project work must be your own individual work – no group work allowed!


Download the starting file from the Assignment Dropbox and save it on your computer.  Then open it to work on it.

1.       In the Documentation worksheet, enter your name in cell B3 and the date you created this workbook in cell B4.

2.       Enter a brief statement for the purpose of this workbook in cell B5.


Switch to the Payroll Data worksheet. Use formulas with cell references to complete any required calculations in these steps.

3.       Each year, each employee is evaluated for their job performance, which produces a numeric evaluation score. Employee bonuses are based on the employee’s performance.  Enter a formula in cell G4 to determine the Rating earned by this employee based on the employee’s evaluation score. Ratings are shown in the EVALUATION lookup table. You MUST use a VLOOKUP function and the existing lookup table. The lookup table has a defined name of Evaluation which you can use instead of its cell range. (Hint: the Evaluation lookup table shows the cutoff values for each rating. For example, if the employee evaluation score is 75, they have not reached the cutoff of 80, and so the rating will be “Fair”.  This process of using cutoff values in a lookup table is done using the option for Approximate Match.)

4.       Copy your formula from G4 down the rest of the column of data.  (Hint: be sure to use absolute references in the formula for all cell references that you don’t want to change when copied.)

5.       Enter a formula in cell H4 to determine the Base Salary, which is based on the employee’s job code. Base salaries are shown in the SALARIES lookup table on the right side of the worksheet.  You MUST use a VLOOKUP function and the existing lookup table. (Hint: this lookup table has a defined name of BaseSalary that you can use instead of its cell range.)

6.       Copy your formula from H4 down the rest of the column of data.

7.       Bonuses are paid to all employees with a rating of Fair, Good, or Excellent.  Employees with a rating of Poor do not get bonuses. The bonus rate is a percentage of the base salary for eligible employees. The percentage is shown in the BONUS % table on the right side of the worksheet.  Enter a formula in cell I4 to calculate the bonus percentage earned by the employee.  You MUST use an IF function.

8.       Copy your formula from cell I4 down the rest of the column of data.

9.       Enter a formula in cell J4 to calculate the actual bonus amount that will be paid to the employee.

10.   Copy your formula from cell J4 down the rest of the column of data.

11.   Enter a formula in cell K4 to calculate the total amount that will be paid to the employee.

12.   Copy your formula from cell K4 down the rest of the column of data.

13.   Enter a formula in cell O24 to calculate the average evaluation score for all employees. Format this with the Number style, with one decimal place.

14.   Enter a formula in cell O25 to calculate the average bonus amount that the company will pay. Format this with Accounting style, with 2 decimal places.

15.   Enter a formula in cell O26 to calculate the total amount of bonuses that the company will pay. Format this with Accounting style, with 2 decimal places.

16.   Left-justify the employee ID values in Col. A.  Center the Job code values in col. D and the evaluation scores in column F.

17.    Format all money values with Accounting style, with 2 decimal places.

18.   Format bonus percentage in Col. I with Percentage style with 1 decimal place.

19.   Set the page orientation to Landscape. Set the margins to Narrow. Adjust the page breaks if needed so that all columns of the employee data (A to K) will fit on a single page (note that all rows will not fit on a single page, however). The reference tables should not be included in the printable area.

20.   Set the first 3 rows to repeat at the top of every page when printed.

21.   Create a page footer with your name in the left portion of the footer, and the date you completed this project in the middle portion of the footer. Use the built-in page numbering features to build the output for the right portion of the footer so that it shows “Page 1 of 2” on the first page (and so on for the rest of the pages).

22.   Save your file, close Excel, and submit your file into the Project 2 link in Blackboard.

Figure 1 (showing a portion of the data)


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