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Short Assignment Requirements

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Assignment Description

23: Application & Web Development - Term 1 - MAC

PDF file required - ZIP file also required

Due date: 18th November 2016



This is an individual coursework


Case Scenario


“White lotus” is a small yoga studio centre in London that offers mainly yoga classes and workshops.

The owner of the studio employed you to create a small on line computerised system that would aid the admin and the management of the “White Lotus” studio.

The system requires the following main functionalities:

·         Managing yoga sessions functionality

·         On line reservation of yoga sessions

The owner would also desire, if possible, additional functionalities (listed under “Other Desired functionality” section).


Managing yoga sessions functionality.

The system should allow the user to dynamically add information about types of classes/workshops sessions and their schedule. The system will allow the yoga studio owner / manager and the yoga instructors to:

a.    Add a yoga teacher to the database.

b.    Add a yoga session to the database. A session is taught by a certain yoga teacher and it can be a class or workshop.

                                  i.    A workshop is a one-off session

·         It has a date, time and usually lasts between 2 and 4 hours.

·         It has a description.

                                ii.    A class is a weekly session

·         It is on a certain day of the week at a specific time.

·         It has a level (beginner, intermediate or advanced)

·         The class usually last 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

·         The capacity of a class is between 6 and 20.

·          It has a short description.

A straightforward (basic) way to add a class is to set every class session manually.  In this case the manager would have to create the instance sessions for the yoga classes one by one.

A more desired (advanced) way is to set the class once in the system and the manager to make the classes available for a certain number of weeks in one go.

c.    Remove a workshop or a class.

d.    Cancel a certain instance of a class. This would be done as a “soft delete” The difference between removing a class and cancelling it is that in the second case, the class will be still visible on the page, but flagged that it has been cancelled.

e.    List all the classes available  in the system (from the current day onwards)

f.     List all workshops available (from the current day onwards)


Online reservation of yoga sessions.

The system should allow online reservation of a particular yoga session

a.    In order for somebody to be able to reserve a yoga class or workshop, she/he would have to be registered and provide the following details:

a.    Name

b.    Date of birth

c.    Yoga experience

d.    Health issues

e.    Contact details: telephone  and email

b.    In order to reserve a yoga class/workshop the user needs to be logged in. Then the client should be able to see all the yoga classes and/or workshops. The system should automatically check if there are any spaces left before making the reservation.

The system should save in the DB who made the reservation and time stamp it.

c.    A client should be able to cancel a reservation up to 24 hours prior to the class.


Other Desired functionality

The following are a set of functionalities desired, but not essential:

a.    If a session is fully booked, a client should be able to go on a waiting list. If there is any cancelation, the first person on the waiting list should move to the reservation list for that class.

Clients should be able to log in and check if they are on the reservation or waiting list

b.    A forum page where members could post questions and answers.

You should attempt one (or both) of these functionalities only after you completed all other required functionalities.


You are required to design and implement the “White lotus” System which should provide the required functionalities from the above case study. The system should be implemented using Visual Studio.NET with C#. The “White lotus” owner asked you to provide supporting design documentation for it. 

1.    The design must be produced by known tools such as UML (at least use case diagrams and class diagram)

2.    The application should include appropriate controls

3.    The application should be validated where appropriate


All deliverables are mandatory and they should include a report, an electronic copy of the coursework application described in Part B and a demonstration.


1.  The report 

Please make sure that you include a title page and table of contents.

A report for the system described in the case study, including the following sections:

·         Introduction: A concise specification of what you expect your program to do (approx. 200 words).

·         The Design documentation supporting your application (such as a class diagram in UML notation and use case diagrams).  This section must also contain an explanation of your design ( approx. 1000 words)

·         Screen shots of the working program together with explanations.

·         A conclusion where you state the design and implementation strengths and weaknesses/bugs of your system (approx. 400 words).

·         In the appendix include:  

·         User instructions if appropriate

·         The source code written by you, including appropriate comments. Do not include automatically generated code.



2.  The electronic copy of your coursework application.


An electronic copy of your coursework application should be uploaded by the coursework deadline. You will have to zip up the folder before you upload it.


NOTE: If solutions prove too big for uploading, you can delete the contents of the Bin folder from your solution before compressing the application.




3.  Acceptance testing


Please note that you are required to attend a scheduled session where you will show your work to your tutor/assessor.


The place and the time slots for this task of your coursework will be made available by your tutor.


4.  Self-Assessment:

You will find a self-assessment sheet attached at the end of this coursework. You are to complete this sheet and submit it with your report.

The grade that you award yourself in the self-assessment is NOT the final grade that you will be awarded. Your coursework will still be graded by an academic member of staff.

There are 5 marks allocated for accurate self-assessment. These marks are available for accurately assessing how well you completed the coursework, so be as objective as possible when completing the form.


Grading Criteria

In general the marks are awarded as follows:

  • >=70%   well documented work that follows the requirements both in design and implementation to a high standard and which shows detailed critical understanding of relevant concepts with an excellent report and demonstration.
  • >=60% work that follows the requirements both in design and implementation well and which show very good understanding of relevant concepts with a very good report and demonstration.
  • >=50% work that follows the requirements both in design and implementation reasonably well and which show good understanding of relevant concepts with a good report and demonstration.
  • >=40% work displaying minimal functionality, and generally correct use of concepts with a reasonable report and demonstration.
  • >=30% work displaying little or incorrect functionality, and a simplistic or partially incorrect use of concepts with a poor report and/or demonstration.
  • <30% work displaying no functionality, and a simplistic and incorrect use of concepts with a very poor report and demonstration.

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