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Assignment Description

This homework is for the Final stage of the multi-stage project - using C# to implement a two-tier information system - the desktop program proposed in stage 1 based on the SQLite3 database submitted in previous stage. Learn how to do the following tasks from the videos provided in the class materials this or previous week. You can use them as a template or guide.

The function requirements of this two-tier information system - the desktop C# program:

1.    It operates on your SQLite3 database submitted in previous stage. You can modify this SQLite3 database as needed. However, it must contains at least 12 tables.

2.    The program start up showing a main window, on which there are two areas:

1.    The first area displays your company,  major products and contacts such as address, phone numbers and email

2.    The second area shows textboxes for users to login by entering their names and passwords

3.    Once logged in, it shows another window with two groups of buttons: 

1.    One group is for accessing tables. At least 12 buttons for accessing all your tables in your SQLite3 database. For example, product button, customer button, order button, etc. Once a button  is clicked, a related window shows up, which contains a vertically-scrollable and horizontally-scrollable  gridview at left showing the related table and buttons at right. These right-side buttons are "Insert", "delete", "update" which can be used to insert new records, to delete selected records and to update selected records.

2.    The other group buttons are for reporting. Three reports are required. Each report shows a report window, on the left shows a list of customers, products or orders, on the right shows reports in a gridview.

1.    Reports on customers: The left list shows all customers, once a customer is selected, the right gridview shows  all the orders, all the products in these orders of this customer.

2.    Reports on products: The left list shows all products, once a product is selected, the right gridview shows  all the customers and all their orders ordered this product.

3.    Reports on orders: The left list shows all orders, once a order is selected, the right gridview shows  all the products in this order and all information of the customer who placed this order.


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