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Short Assignment Requirements

please do everything what the 2 project said. when showing graph, go from data , data analysis because my professor wants to look at the steps. Thanks for help

Assignment Description



Project #2                                                                    

Due Date:  Tuesday, Nov 15, 2018


Submit one EXCEL file by putting the file name:  

FirstName LastName-Project 2-MAT1372-Fall 2018

Submit by the due date to:  ...


To get full credits for the project, you must:

1)      Turn in the project on time.  One point will be deducted for “each day” (including weekends and holidays) that the project is late.

2)      State the goal (or the problem) of the project.

3)      State the process, including EXCEL commands used.  

4)      State the results.


1)      P. 551, homework #11.

a)      Answer a, b, c, d

b)      Compute correlation coefficient. Use Excel command directly.

c)      Graph a scatter plot of the data and linear regression line.

d)      Go to  DATA    Data Analysis    Correlation.   Explain the correlation chart.  

e)      Go to  DATA    Data Analysis    Descriptive Statistics.   Explain the items in Column 1 and Column 2.  (Pages 77 – 81 of the Statistics with Microsoft Excel text book)


2)      Find two sets of data, determine the correlation coefficient and linear regression between the two sets of data.  Graph a scatter plot of the data and linear regression line.  Provide an explanation of your finding.  


                The internet resource:              

Energy Electricity Consumption: http://www.indexmundi.com/g/g.aspx?c=us&v=81

                                GDP per capita (PPP)(US$):           http://www.indexmundi.com/g/g.aspx?v=67&c=us&l=en


Use the data from year 2000 to 2013:


Assignment Description





Page. 551 Homework 11. This is the question for number one in the 2 project.


1.The following data relate the per capita consumption of cigarettes in 1930 and men’s death rates from lung cancer in 1950, for a variety of countries.


County                                  1930 per capita cigarette                          1950 Deaths per


                                                      Consumption                                         million men


Australia                                         480                                                          180

Canada                                            500                                                          150

Denmark                                         380                                                          170

Finland                                            1100                                                         350

Great Britain                                  1100                                                         460

Iceland                                              230                                                          60

The Netherlands                             490                                                          240

Norway                                             250                                                           90

Sweden                                             300                                                         110

Switzerland                                      510                                                          250

United States                                  1300                                                         200


(a)    Determine the estimated regression line.

Predict the number of 1950 lung cancer deaths per million men in a country whose 1930 per capita cigarette consumption was


(b)   600

(c)    850

(d)   1000

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