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Short Assignment Requirements

Need these 10 questions completed. Used a different website and I couldn't read the handwritten work. Need to show steps for each solution.

Assignment Description

MATH 107 7380, Fall 2017



Quiz 3: Show your work on all the problems. Just an answer will not earn any points.


Total Points:  100

Due:  November 16, 2017  


1.     a. Given  ,   g(x) = 3 – 2x, find and simplify the composite function (f o g)(x)













b.     Find (f o g)(-5)  where f(x) = -3x-1, g(x) = x2  - 3














2.     Solve for a:  











3.     Solve, and express the answer in interval notation:   | 8 – 5x |   ≤ 12













a.     Express as a single logarithm:  log (x + 2) + log 1 – 3 log y







b.     Find the exact value of the logarithm without using calculator: 


5.     The percentage score on a test varies directly as the number of correct responses. Rita answered 24 questions correctly and earned a score of 60%. What would her percentage score have been if she had answered 34 questions correctly?










6.     A car rental company charges $36 per day to rent a car and $0.15 per mile. Juan is charged $58.95 for one day rental. How many miles did he drive?











a.     Multiply and simplify: (8 + i)(5 + 3i). Write the answer in the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers.






b.     Solve for x:  log2 (5x-4) = 4



8.     Solve the inequality, and write the solution in interval notation:  Show all steps to get full credit.















9.     Solve for x:     8 7x-1 = 64













10. Suppose $2,800 is invested in an account at an annual interest rate of 4.7% compounded continuously. How long (to the nearest tenth of a year) will it take the investment to double in size?

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