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Assignment Description

Semester Project

BMEG 3653

Due May 6th, 2018

Ammonia (NH3) is a metabolite, but is very toxic to aquatic life. NH3 and ammonium (NH4+) exist in equilibrium in an aqueous solution. The equilibrium constant K depends on temperature and pH.  Nitrifying bacteria convert NH4+ to nitrite (NO2-). Nitrite can be further oxidized to nitrate (NO3-). Finally denitrification bacteria convert NO3- to N2 completing the nitrogen cycle. Below are the reactions describing this part of the N cycle:


Please write a MATLAB code to calculate and plot the concentration profiles of NH3, NH4+, NO2- and NO3- as a function of time at T=298 K and neutral pH. Please compare the results when the temperature varies from 275 to 325 K and pH varies from 5 to 8.  The input for the code will include the rate constants k of the reactions and the initial concentrations [C] of the reactants. The output of the code will include the concentrations of both the reactants and products as a function of time.

You will also write a user’s manual to accompany the code to guide the users. As usual, please also make comments extensively in the code so that the users will be able to understand and use your code effectively. The code and user’s manual will consist 75% and 25% of your project score respectively. The score for the code is based on technical content (70%) as well as user-friendliness, internal documentation and clarity of the code (30%). The user’s manual should be in pdf format and will be scored based on thoroughness, user-friendliness and clarity.



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