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                    October 25, 2018

Student Name and Number________________                Mr. Goldstein


CIS 3367 Midterm Exam


This exam is made up of an Excel file to be analyzed. When you have completed the exam, you are to email your Excel file to me at ...


The heading of your email must be CIS3367, Midterm, Your Student number and LastName FirstName. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THIS NAMING PROTOCOL YOU WILL LOSE 5 POINTS.


Always be alert for “ugly numbers”!

Create a Table with the data. Total and/or count any column if you feel it is appropriate, or if you think I will think it is appropriate for control and proving purposes.


Data is located on Blackboard under Course Documents in a folder called Midterm Exam.


1. Open the file called Q1 Trees for Students.


a. Make a copy of the file and prepare it for use as the source for various analyses using Pivot Tables. Label it Q0.


b. Add several columns after the exiting data for:


                       i.   Length of Name

                     ii.   The Upper case of each NAME

                   iii.   The first letter of the Name.


c. Create Pivot tables to resemble those in the tab labelled “zip codes by filtered ranges” by following the guidelines listed below.


                       i.   There are 3 separate pivot tables. The first and last are by zip code with counts of zip codes and contain subsets of all the date due to filtering. Notice there are instructions as to filtering and sequencing.


                     ii.   The pivot table in the middle is listed by Neighborhood with counts of zip codes and should be the same as the total count from the tab called “To be Analyzed.”


                   iii.   Prepare a reconciliation under the middle pivot table to determine if the totals from the pivot tables on the left and right when combined agree with the center one.



                     iv.   In a separate tab Redo the steps from i. through iii.


                       v.   Change the filtering to the TOP 60% on the left pivot table and BOTTOM  40% on the right pivot table.


                     vi.   Modify the reconciliation done on the first tab as necessary. The numbers in this analysis DON’T PROVE!”  Identify the problem item.


2. Create a new pivot table with Senate Districts as rows and Assembly District as columns. Prepare a count. Use Conditional formatting to highlight the top value and color the background green.


3. Create another pivot table. This one is to have First letter as the row and count of first letter as the column.

                       i.   Insert a column chart next to the pivot table.


                     ii.   Insert 2 slicers one for zip code and one for first letter to the right of the chart. Each slicer is to be 3 columns wide. Test both slicers to see that the work together on both the pivot table and the column chart. Align the chart and the two slicers.

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