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Exam #2

MAE 364: Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines

Take-Home Exam

Due Wednesday, 04/18


I understand that this is a take-home exam and pledge that I have neither discussed the contents with nor received any help from others.  The solutions attached are solely from my personal efforts.

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Summit the followings:

(1)   In-class submission: your derivation of the solution and the plots for the result on paper with this page (pledge signed) as the cover page 

(2)   On-line submission: your Matlab script program.

For the reversed slider-crack linkage shown in the following figure, (a) derive the position, velocity, and acceleration equations 4,r4,4,r&4,4,&r&4 as well as the shake force equations.  Then (b) code a MATLAB script to calculate and plot 4,r4,4,r&4,4,&r&4 as well as the crank torque T2 and the reaction force on the contact surface of the slider 3 and link 4 for one rotation of the driver crank.

2 210 rad/s ccw constant r1 AC 25 mm r2 AB 7.6 mm AD 40 mm

                l2 G2A3.8 mm                       

l4 DG4 20 mm

m2 3 kg    IG2 0.04 kg- m2 m3 1.3 kg

m4 1.54 kg   IG4 0.012 kg- m2


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