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Engineering Analysis II: 4600:360-002       Fall, 2016        Project2

Name______________    Student ID#  _______________ Due: by 5PM 12/14/16

                                                                                                slide under the door to ASEC 107F


The M-file program project will involve the use of MATLAB functions for applications.  The project must be submitted by 5PM on the date due. Each team of 2 to 3 students must write their own program/solution and submit one team project report. Copying the work of another team or student is unacceptable. If copying occurs, all students involved will receive a grade of 0 for the project. Please turn in the printed hardcopy of your work by the due date and also send M-file programs, tables and graphs by e-mail to: ... using an attachment (or zipped files if necessary). Please use your student ID number and your last name as part of the filename for the attachment files you e-mail. Please include project number (e.g. PJ1) in the Subject line of your email. The printed hardcopy must have a cover sheet that includes project description, team member’s ID and name and it must be stapled together. They are expected to be neat and readable. The paper used must be 8½x11 and of good quality (i.e., no scrap computer paper or notebook paper with "fuzzy" left edges).  


1. Please use MATLAB function fzero to solve for roots of




Please use MATLAB function optimset to set options to display each iteration of root finding process. Please plot the function curve  for  and you are to find all the roots (there are 3) in that range.

























The value of a function  at certain discrete values of  are as follows:
















Please use MATLAB function interp1 for ‘spline’ interpolation based on the data shown to estimate the value of . Please also use MATLAB function polyfit and polyval to fit a 4th degree polynomial and estimate the value of . Please use MATLAB

function spline to fit a Clamped Cubic Spline with end slopes of  and  and estimate the value of . Please plot all the curves with different colors or line types along with the raw data points marked with circle symbols on one graph for . Please note that the interpolated curves must be smooth. 






































The displacement of an instrument subjected to a random vibration test, at different instants of time, is found to be as follows:



Time,  (sec)

Displacement,      (inch)







































a)      Please use MATLAB function diff to find the velocity , acceleration , and  jerk  based on forward-difference with a step size, , of 0.05. Please plot  vs.  

curve,  curve,  curve, and  curve, respectively.


b)      Please use MATLAB functions polyfit by fitting a 11th-degree polynomial for the data and use polyval and diff to find the velocity , acceleration , and jerk .

Please plot  vs.  curve,  curve,  curve, and  curve, respectively.

c)      Please use MATLAB functions spline by fitting a Not-a-knot Cubic Spline to find the velocity , acceleration , and jerk . Please plot  vs.  curve,  curve,  

vs. curve, and  curve, respectively.


Please note that the above  vs.  curves should be plotted on one graph (3 curves),  vs.  curves on one graph (3 curves),  curves on one graph (3 curves) and  

vs.  curves on one graph (3 curves), respectively. Totally 4 graphs.









Please use MATLAB functions quad and quadl to evaluate the integral
















































Please use MATLAB function ode23 to solve the equation 



Please list the result for . Please plot the curves for  vs. , and  on the same graph and  on a separate graph, respectively.

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