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Short Assignment Requirements

to write a matlab script in which the potential function of the electric dipole for each case that is given. The file that is given on slide 3 basically tells what needs to be done.

Assignment Description




1.                Obtain the equipotential and electric field lines around an electric dipole consisting of equal and opposite point charges +𝑄𝑄 and –𝑄𝑄 separated by a small distance 𝑑𝑑.   Assume that the observation point P is at a distance 𝑅𝑅>>𝑑𝑑.

2.                Understand that the computer is only as intelligent as the human that programs it.


Study the behavior electric potential of an electric dipole: derive expressions of the potential for a dipole aligned with the:

A) z axis so 𝒑𝒑  𝑹𝑹 = 𝑝𝑝𝒛𝒛  𝑹𝑹 = 𝑝𝑝cos𝜃𝜃 B) y axis so 𝒑𝒑  𝑹𝑹 = 𝑝𝑝𝒚𝒚  𝑹𝑹 = 𝑝𝑝sin𝜃𝜃 sin𝜑𝜑 C) x axis so 𝒑𝒑  𝑹𝑹 = 𝑝𝑝𝒙𝒙  𝑹𝑹 = 𝑝𝑝sin𝜃𝜃 cos𝜑𝜑

Write a MATLAB script in which you define the potential function of the electric dipole for each case (A-C) in the y-z (𝜑𝜑 = 90°) plane . Use the command “gradient” to compute the electric field from the potential.  Use the commands “contour” and “quiver” to obtain plots of the equipotential lines and electric field vectors.

Analyze results, describing the behavior of the potential and the resulting electric field in each case.

Write a report summarizing procedure, theoretical analysis, and major simulation findings.


Cover Page                                                               2. Analysis

    Title of report   V and E for a dipole aligned with z axis

    Student’s name         V and E for a dipole aligned with y axis

    Course number and title  V and E for a dipole aligned with z axis

    Department       3. Simulations

4. Results

    College      5. Conclusions

    University 6. Bibliography


Executive Summary

1. Introduction

    Problem statement

    Analysis and simulations procedures


1.              Use as many references as needed.  Go to the library if you need to check books out.

2.              References should be clearly cited in the body of the report to support assertions made. 

3.              List all references in the bibliography, using Chicago-style citation standard http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html.


Reference (Noun):

Use of a source of information in order to ascertain something.


Cover Page

Use font 16

Center all lines

Executive Summary

Use full justification

Use Calibri font, size 12

Use 1.15 line spacing

Body of Report

Use full justification

Use Calibri font, size 12

Use 1.15 line spacing

Use “Heading 1” option for report section headings Use “Insert” option to write equations and symbols

Treat all circuit diagrams and simulation plots as figures. 

Label all figures as it’s done in the book.


   Poor formatting

   Poor spelling and grammar

   Incomplete sentences

   Meaningless content

   Circular conclusions

Due Date

The report is due Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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