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Usually a take-home programming task (alternatively called job interview application programming homework test) is assigned before the actual interview. We believe, that it is not fair to make applicants work multiple days for nothing, when most of them will not be offered the job position. That is why it is more optimal to pay for job interview assignment solution. When you buy it, you spend less effort than you would need to invest by spending whole days solving it on your own. We are specialists in that - we do it much more efficiently. When you get a solution to such job interview homework, you can be much more confident with your solution and pay attention to other aspects of the interview.

For example, data scientist must work with both R and/or Python to analyze the datasets. Also, you are expected to know statistics very well to correctly interpret the tests and models. Employees look for confident applicants, and having the job interview homework solved for you is an extra step to guarantee the position. It is an extremely profitable investment - if you get the job just because of our help, you will earn much more than it cost you to buy a solution to job interview assignment!
On the other hand, it might look unethical, but it clearly isn't. The most important feature of employees is to learn fast. But learning from solutions, not from random snippets on internet, is much more reliable!

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